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Pagico 8.7 Beta 2

Change List

Feature Improvements

  • When duplicating a container, its sub-containers will also be duplicated as either references or new targets
  • The “Duplicate” feature is now added to the context menu
  • The Timeline List View will now also show time-sensitive items from sub-containers
  • The calendar print view will now show task labels in full

Usability Improvements

  • The Workspace Auto-Join prompt is more visible in the Workspaces view
  • Updated the device setup instructions in the Preferences section

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a scaling issue with the integrated stat graph
  • Fixed a font size issue with the rich text note editor
  • Restored the number list and bullet list buttons in the rich text note editor
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new task may result in an error message about the target being missing
  • Fixed a data sync issue that may prevent user from syncing again after an interrupted sync cycle
  • Fixed an issue where the Today view may not show task lists correctly when a Pagico ID account is not present

Known Issues

  • Sub-containers are not rendered correctly in public shares and exported packages
  • Pressing the backspace key may cause Pagico to restart incorrectly
  • Keyboard shortcuts involving the Command key on Mac may not trigger correctly
  • The print feature on Windows is very limited and does not support orientation change
  • On Windows, dropping in emails from Outlook doesn’t work

Pagico 8.7 beta 2 is available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu, and are available to beta testers only. Want to test Pagico 8.7 (and all future beta builds) first before we publicly release it? Just sign up for  beta builds here. We’ll send you an email as soon as beta builds are ready. Otherwise, Pagico 8.7 will be released officially as soon as all the issues are ironed out.

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