Pagico 3.2: New flowchart features and optimized performance

Hi folks, we’ve been busy in the past week, working on the upcoming final (hopefully) 3.2 release. There is a new release coming alone, with several minor but important new features, bug fixes, and more importantly, we’ve started the performance optimization of Pagico.

The new release containing the new features and properties mentioned in this article has not yet been released, but will be soon.

Better Schedule flowchart (woohoo!)
Now the schedule flowchart has become fully interactive. You can modify an existing task right in the flowchart view, and you can create new task there, too! Just double click on a flowchart bar, and you’ll see something like this:
Interactive Schedule Flowchart

Implementing the ability of adding tasks in flowchart view isn’t easy, as usually there are more than one list in a topic, and which to which list the new task is going to be added is a tricky question. But we added an “append” feature, which allows users to create a new task right following an existing one, in the same list group.
Adding new task in the schedule flowchart view

Better Pop-up calendar
This time, the pop-up calendar is displaying current month and selected date. Not a huge improvement though, but I’m sure it’s gonna be very handy.
Improved Popup Calendar in upcoming Pagico 3.2

Performance Optimization
Simply put, we want Pagico to be faster. Generally you would expect around 10% – 30% performance gain, based on different situations. 😀

More powerful (easier) ways to set up due dates

Advanced ways of writing tasks in Pagico
Pagico allows you to assign due dates for tasks, in both lists (in topics) and contact profiles. It provides you a popup calendar so you can pick up dates easily. However, some times we need more out of it. For example, some times we need to set a specific time rather than just a date; or we just want to add a task for tomorrow (or next week), and we’re too lazy to open that calendar and pick the date.

This article will show you the “advanced” (more powerful, faster, and easier) way of setting up dates. Read More

Linking to your E-Mail messages, with the help of MailTags

Hi folks, this is just a small hands on tutorial by request, about how to create links to your email messages in Pagico. Read More

Pagico (beta) is released

This is yet another bug-fix release for our 3.2 software, addressing bugs in both Windows and Mac platforms.

Here’s the detailed what’s new list:

  • Fixed a bug that caused losing data when saving multiple text paragraphs
  • Fixed UI glitches in topics
  • Fixed the recognition of MessageID copied from MailTags
  • Fixed a bug that Windows version could not create new folder in topics
  • Fixed a bug that Windows version could not open folders and files
  • Fixed a bug that Windows version could not “Save As” files

The beta link is unchanged, so you’re very welcome to go ahead and Download Pagico for Mac, or for Windows.


Pagico (beta) is available

Hello folks, today a new beta release ( of Pagico Professional is available.
Here is what’s new:

  • Recognition of MailTags message link is now fixed.
  • UI improvements for the schedule flowchart.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent users from launching imported files in topics.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

The “missing-activity” issue on Windows is still not fixed, but we’re working on it. Hopefully it will be fixed in our upcoming release.

Hope you’ll like it!

Pagico Edition name change, and new beta release (

Good day, folks!
The Change in Editions
Pagico has been available for two editions (Basic and Standard) for the past year. But now, as the release of v3.2, this is gonna be changed. The basic edition is going to be upgraded to two directions, which equipped with more features, and are more focused on different purposes.

So, at the same time, the original “Standard” edition, is going to change the name to “Professional”, which represents its capabilities more accurately.

Upgrade Policy
The existing users of Pagico (Standard) will be able to upgrade to Pagico (Professional) v3.2 for free. Users of Pagico (Basic) will have to pay a small amount of upgrade fee to upgrade to either of the two editions. More details about the two editions and upgrade fee will be covered soon.

New Beta Release
We’ve got a new beta release for you: v3.2.0.81.
In this release, a newly made German language pack, and a bug fix in the file type recognition of linked folders are included.

To get started, please click the corresponding link below:

Special Thanks
Here, we’d like to especially mention our volunteer user who spent lots of time making the German language pack.
Thank you, Stephane Rocher!

Pagico “Back to School” Program cuts the price in half!! (Time limited offer)

Update: This offer has ended.

Good day students and faculties!

As the fall semester is coming alone, we’re making Pagico even more affordable than ever (50% off!). Now, with just $34.99, you can start off your school with superb productivity and pleasure of work! Read More

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