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Pagico 8.12 (r2239) is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.12 is a maintenance update that brings a number of minor feature improvements and bug fixes. It’s a free and recommended update for all v8 users.

Change List

  • Contacts listed in collections are now sorted by last names
  • The container lists in collections will now remember the user’s preferred sorting column and direction
  • Fixed an issue where contacts exported to vCard format may not include their email addresses
  • The keyword input fields for Smart Collections now have the tag auto-complete feature enabled
  • Improved the data sync stability with large workspaces
  • Enhanced the logging for the backend automatic installation process for easier troubleshooting on Mac
  • With the “Print” icon removed from the toolbar, a new Print menu command is added to the container “Extra Actions” menu for easier accessibility
  • Fixed an issue where the process of leaving a large workspace may get stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the list title, when only contains a tag, couldn’t be edited
  • Other under-the-hood reliability improvements

Getting the Update

Please visit the Download Section to obtain the latest update.

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