Pagico 7 now has a brand-new tag picker

Pagico 7 r1761 is a minor update carrying bug fixes and one pretty cool improvement: the brand new tag picker. With it, tagging projects or files is easier than ever.

New Tag Picker in Pagico 7

Pagico 7 r1761 is a recommended free update to all v7 licensed users. Upgrading is easy as always — just head over to the Download Section and grab it!

Pagico 7 r1760 is now available for OS X and Windows

Pagico 7 r1760, a free update, is now available for OS X and Windows. This new release addresses the following issues: Read More

Zapier: “Pagico is powerful, flexible and smart”

Pagico is powerful enough to be a GTD app, flexible enough to be your team’s collaboration solution, and smart enough to recognize what you’ve typed and when you need to do stuff. If you’re looking for a new way to manage everything you need to do on your desktop, it’s definitely worth giving a try.

— Matthew Guay at Zapier

Read the full article on Zapier.

First Pagico 7 minor update, r1758, is now available for OS X and Windows

Pagico 7 r1757 r1758, the first minor update since the major update, is here. This version addresses a few issues and improves user experience. V7 users, you can grab this free update now from the Download Section. Read More

Pagico 7 for Ubuntu (14.04+) is now available

Just a quick word that Pagico 7 for (64-bit) Ubuntu is now available! Ubuntu folks, please head over to the Download Section and grab it!

With this, we are excited to announce that Pagico 7 is now officially on all the major platforms: OS X, Windows and Ubuntu.

Pagico 7: Connect your projects to hundreds of apps with Zapier

As you know, the Zapier integration is one of the highlights of Pagico 7. Our good friend Matthew Guay at Zapier put together a short article on this, and it’s a wonderful read!

In short, here’s some great ways to get started with Pagico’s Zapier integration:

We know that a lot of our users have started exploring the possibilities with Zapier. We’ll publish a number of help docs to help ease the learning curve. Expect to see those articles to pop up in the next few days.

In the mean time, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Pagico 7 has arrived!

Get ready to boost your productivity even further with Pagico 7! In case you are not a Pagico user currently — Pagico is all your tasks, notes, files, projects and clients in one elegant package. It combines data organization with task management, and it’s very easy to use. And if you’ve been using Pagico in the past, definitely check out Pagico 7 as well. It’s our best product yet with dozens of highlight improvements.

Watch the video to see the highlights, and read on for more detailed improvements!

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