The 4th of July Sale: Save 30% on Pagico Apps

This weekend only, you can save 30% on all Pagico apps, including Pagico 7 for your computer, and Pagico Plus for your mobile devices. Visit the Store and get the savings!

This promotional offer ends on Monday, July 6th 2015.

Pagico 7.1 r1780 is now available for Mac and Windows

Pagico 7.1 r1780 brings a number of changes that improves performance, stability and user experience. As a free update to all v7 users, r1780 is a recommended update for all users to upgrade. Read on to learn more.

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Pagico 7.1 is now available for OS X and Windows

Pagico 7.1 (r1774) is a minor update that brings a number of feature improvements and bug fixes. Available for Mac and Windows, Pagico 7.1 is a free update to all v7 users, and is recommended for all to upgrade. Read More

Scheduled Maintenance for Workspace Server US East Coast (UPDATEDx2)

On June 17 at 23:00 June 18 00:00 Eastern Standard Time, the US East Coast workspace server will go down for approximately 20 minutes to perform a series of software updates. During the down time, all workspaces on the U.S. East Coast server will stop syncing. Sync will automatically resume after the server comes back.

Update at 01:00: The system update is almost finished. Server should be up very soon.

Update at 01:40: The system update has been concluded.

Thank you all for your business and understanding!
Pagico Team

Pagico 7 r1767 is now available for OS X and Windows

As another maintenance release for Pagico 7, revision 1767 brings a few minor improvements and bug fixes. Read More

Pagico 7 r1765 addresses a task saving issue on OS X and Windows

The Pagico 7 r1764 was just released a few days ago, but we just identified a serious issue with that particular build, in which the New Task panel couldn’t properly save items to your Inbox, which is the default destination.

Pagico 7 r1765 is made to fix this issue, and it is highly recommended for all users to update. To grab the update, please visit the Download Section.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you all for your patience. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Pagico 7 r1764 is now available for OS X and Windows

Pagico 7 r1763 r1764 is minor update bringing small feature improvements and better user experience. Read More

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