Pagico 8 Preview #2, beta to start on August 1

As you know, Pagico 8 is coming this Fall, and it’s coming with lots of exciting improvements. Today I’m thrilled to share some more highlights of it with you. Here for the public beta? Scroll to the bottom of this article to learn all about it! Read More

Coming this fall: Pagico 8 [Preview #1]

Pagico 8 Launch Banner-blog

The next version of Pagico on your computer, Pagico version 8, will arrive this fall. This will mark a huge milestone for Pagico and for the team, as it is going to be one of the biggest releases we’ve ever done. It is carefully crafted to help you be more productive than ever, and feel more awesome doing your work. Today I’m thrilled to share a few highlights of Pagico 8 with you (and to make your Monday a bit better).

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Pagico 7.7 r1947 is now available for OS X and Windows

Change Log

  • Improved the handling of demo extensions
  • Improved handling of workspaces when they expire
  • Improved data sync stability for containers shared in more than one workspace
  • Fixed an issue in the Natural Language Parsing algorithm that may miss times set for the current day
  • Improved the display of devices & team members in workspaces

Pagico 7.7 r1947 is a free update to all v7 users, and it can be downloaded from here.

Pagico 7.7 r1946 is now available for OS X and Windows

Change Log

  • New: Built-in Automatic Update for Pagico on OS X. Users on OS X can choose to update Pagico with just a few clicks.
  • Fixed an issue where the order of items in projects and contacts may be rendered incorrectly when using the Manual Order mode
  • Fixed a small issue that crosslinks in Inbox may not work correctly
  • A few other minor bug fixes

Pagico 7.7 r1946 is a free update to all v7 users, and it can be downloaded from the Download section.

Pagico 7.7 r1944 brings minor bug fixes to OS X and Windows

Change Log

  • The Natural Language Parsing in the New Task panel is improved to avoid overwriting existing date settings unnecessarily
  • Bookmark of a project or contact will be removed automatically when the container itself is deleted
  • Improved text rendering with better link recognition
  • Improved task filtering for the Today view when Teamwork Mode is enabled
  • Inactive containers will no longer show up in the Link Helper panel
  • Fixed a bug with the cross-linking feature that may incorrectly display links as broken
  • Fixed a bug where timezone setting isn’t properly saved for the Connect-to-calendar app feature
  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations saving new tasks to Inbox may quietly fail

Pagico 7.7 r1944 is a free update to all v7 users, and it can be downloaded from the Download section.

Pagico 7.7 r1941 is now available for OS X and Windows

Pagico 7.7 r1941 is a maintenance update addressing a few small but annoying issues:

  • Fixed an issue where cross links to contacts may be rendered as “Broken Link”
  • Improved stability of cross links to tasks or list items
  • Fixed an issue where Pagico keeps asking you to set a timezone when connecting to your Calendar app
  • When deleting a project or a contact, its bookmark will also be removed automatically
  • Improved hyper link recognition in text notes and tasks
  • Tasks will now be properly created when only the start date is specified

Pagico 7.7 r1941 is a free update to all v7 users, and can be downloaded right here.

Beta Testers Wanted for Pagico Plus 4 for iOS

Pagico Plus 4 is coming! With a redesigned UI for iPhone, Pagico Plus 4 looks super sharp and brings lots of under-the-hood improvements. After months of development, we’re happy to announce that Pagico Plus 4 is ready for beta testing. If you’re interested in getting early an access, just let us know and we’ll loop you in for the beta!

Pagico Plus 4 is ready for beta

The Android version will follow.


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