Pagico Plus 3 for Android Beta has begun!

Pagico Plus 3 for Android - 1

If you’re interested in participating the beta as well, click here to sign up!

Pagico Plus 3 is coming to Android. Public Beta starts August 28

Pagico Plus is the mobile companion app for Pagico. The Android version was initially released in summer of 2014. Since then, we’ve made tons of improvements to it, and rolled out a v3 which has been only available on the iOS platform. Now that the dust has settled with Pagico 7, we’re shifting our focus back onto the Android app.

Pagico Plus 3 for Android will be better in every way than its predecessor, and we’d like to make sure it’s fully tested before it’s made available to everyone. So, we’re planning to run a public beta starting from Friday, August 28 to Sunday, September 13. If you’re interested in getting the Android app before everyone else, be sure to sign up!

5 right-click commands to quickly schedule & reschedule tasks

Here at NOTES 17, we are obsessed with productivity. We are always thinking about ways to further enhance the features of Pagico 7, and to make it save more time for our users. Since Pagico 7.1, we’ve been adding right-click menu actions to simplify your workflow. Here are the top 5 right-click menu commands that can make scheduling & rescheduling tasks much easier. Read More

Pagico 7.2 r1807 is now available for Mac and Windows

Pagico 7.2 r1807 is another free minor update for all Pagico 7 users. It brings the following improvements: Read More

Pagico Plus 3 is coming soon to a Android device near you

Pagico Plus 3 is coming to Android

Pagico Plus 3 for Android going to look better, have a dedicated landscape design, and most importantly, work better. Last but not least, it is now sharing most of its code base with the iOS app, which means you’ll get more frequent updates as well!

Stay tuned. Open beta is just around the corner.

Pagico 7.2 r1802 improves user experience with various minor changes

Pagico 7.2 r1802 is yet another free update bringing a number of improvements to further enhance the user experience. Read More

MacLife: “Pagico 7 delivers its promise that few Mac apps do”

As you know, MacLife is one of the most reputable magazines about Apple in the US, and about a month ago we were fortunate enough to get covered by the magazine with an extensive review on Pagico 7. We are extremely proud to report that MacLife gave us a “Great | 4 out of 5” rating and they loved the new design & features in Pagico 7. Here’s an excerpt:

… Pagico 7.0 makes similar “be productive and stay organized” proclamations in its marketing, but actually delivers on those promises in a way few Mac apps do. …

Yesterday, a brief version of that article was made available on, and you can read the rest of it here.

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