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5 top reasons Pagico can make you more productive than ever

There are way too many planner & todo apps out there, and I’m sure you’ve gone through half of them. But Pagico is very different, and it has quite a few unique designs to help you get more done and stay organized. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should give it a try: Read More

Pagico for Desktop 6.7 is here with HiDPI support

Greetings everyone! Today we’re excited to bring Pagico for Desktop 6.7 to you! Among many minor improvements, the big deal in this new version is the support for ultra-high resolution screens. Read More

Pagico for Desktop 6.6 r1607, Yosemite Compatibility, and more exciting updates!

Today we’re releasing another maintenance update to Pagico for Desktop 6.6. Plus: We have awesome updates lined up in the near future! Read More

Personalize your lock screen background, and win a Pagico license! UPDATEDx1

Planner apps are very personal. It’s something you’ll be spending a lot of time with. So if you don’t fully enjoy it, you may not be as productive as you can. One of the (very small) features that you should know, is that the lock screen of your database can be customized. Here’s how my primary database looks like:

Pagico database lock screen

Believe it or not, as a developer AND a gearhead, seeing this every once in a while does brighten up my day and make me more productive.

So how do you set this background? Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you set a password for your database. Go to the Preferences panel, and switch to the Database-Specific settings. Set a password there. Guess what, this also protects your database from prying eyes when you’re away from your computer. Just don’t forget the password.
  2. Use menu command “File” -> “Lock Database”, or Cmd+L if you’re on Mac. This will bring up the lock screen.
  3. Just drag and drop any photo to this lock screen.

Pretty easy, right? Now, go ahead and personalize your lock screen and tweet us a screenshot. Do so before August 15th and you’ll have a chance to win a Pagico for Desktop license! The license can be gifted, too. So hurry up, we would LOVE to see how cool your lock screen can be!

Update: This contest has concluded. Thank you all for participating!

Video: Introducing SiteTrac – A Website Monitor for iPhone

Do you have websites or blogs? If so, then you need to make sure that your websites are up as much as possible. As long-time website owners with multiple projects, we deeply understand the need to always know how your servers are doing, and perform any action necessary during downtimes. So we developed SiteTrac, an iPhone app that helps you monitor the status of all your websites, so that you can rest easy. We are extremely excited about this new app, and here is a 60-second intro video. Hope you’ll like it as much as we do!

Tips: Setting up Pagico for your team, and assigning tasks

It’s been a while since we wrote about tips and best practices for using Pagico. This time we’re focusing on setting up and using Pagico for your team. Check out these two new articles from the online help site:

Pagico’s Anniversary Sale (Update: Ended)

Just a quick note that our 7th Anniversary Sale, in which all Pagico apps are heavily discounted (up to 45%-off), is ending on July 27th (less than 48 hours left at the time of writing) TODAY. So if you’ve been thinking about getting Pagico apps on your computers and mobile devices, don’t miss out! You can head to the Store to check out the discounts.

Update: The anniversary sale has ended.

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