Pagico 7.2 r1821 is now available for OS X

Pagico 7.2 r1821 is a bug fix release for the Mac platform. This version addresses the following OS X-only issues:

  • Fixed an issue where notifications might not be fired properly
  • Fixed an issue where email message dragged from Apple Mail were not correctly imported
  • Improved compatibility with emails dragged from Microsoft Outlook 2016

As a free update, Pagico 7.2 r1821 is recommended for all Mac users to update. Visit the Download section to grab it.

One feature to make you more productive than ever (and avoid procrastination)

As you may have realized by now, we humans are not excellent at multitasking, and it’s all too easy to procrastinate. So, to get more done, we need to focus on what’s important, and not get distracted by things down the road. Pagico 7 has a feature designed to help you focus on the current day. It’s the newly revamped Daily Planning feature.

Daily Planning

Read More

Pagico 7.2 r1819 brings OS X 10.11 compatibility and more

We are excited to announce the availability of another minor update, Pagico 7.2 r1819. This release brings a number of important enhancements and it’s free for all v7 users. Read More

Upgrade to Pagico 7.2 r1819 for El Capitan Compatibility

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is finally here! This update actually brings a large number of under-the-hood changes to make everything work better. Due to some of these changes, we have to update our Pagico 7 as well. So for those of you who are already on 10.11, or planning to upgrade in the next few days, be sure to update your Pagico to the latest v7.2. r1819 when it’s convenient.

To grab the update, please visit the Download Section.

Go enjoy the new OS!

Pagico 7 on El Capitan

Tip: Auto-group your contacts with just 1 click

We all have lots of contacts, and it would be helpful to categorize them in groups. And you know what? Pagico can do this for you automatically. Read More

Pagico 7.2 r1816 is now available for OS X and Windows

Pagico 7.2 r1816 is a minor update that brings a few improvements and bug fixes. It’s a free update to all v7 users, and it’s recommended for all to upgrade. Read More

Pagico Plus 3 for Android is now on the Google Play store

Are you using an Android handset or tablet? If so, then you need to get the Pagico Plus 3 for Android app! It’s on sale for just $8 USD right now, and it’s a free update to all existing Pagico Plus 2 for Android app users.

Pagico Plus 3 for Android

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