Pagico 7.3 r1846 addresses a few bugs for Windows and OS X

Pagico 7.3 r1846 is now available, bringing the following improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where the manual order of items may get lost in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where newly created items cannot be dragged and dropped for re-ordering
  • Improved the Natural Language Processing (NLP) with better support for dates in the future
  • Improved the NLP with better recognition for year representations
  • Fixed an issue where bars on the flowchart may be incorrectly positioned

Pagico 7.3 r1846 is a free update for all v7 users, and it can be downloaded right here.

Pagico 7.3 r1843 brings a few minor fixes

Pagico 7.3 r1843 is now available for OS X and Windows, addressing the following small but annoying issues:

  • Fixed a graphics issue related to the stat charts on Macs with Retina displays
  • Fixed a UI issue where text from notes may be rendered incorrectly in the Inbound Items section
  • Fixed an issue where the popup panel may be incorrectly positioned on Macs with Retina displays
  • Added timezone selection at the beginning of the activation process

This is a free update to all v7 users. Please head to the Download Section to grab the update.

Pagico 7.3 r1840 brings a brand-new Jump-To feature and other minor improvements

Pagico 7.3 r1838 r1840 is another minor update that further enhances the user experience. It brings a brand-new Jump-To feature that lets you quickly jump to any container with just a few key strokes. Read More

Pagico 7.3 (r1832) brings a brand-new Today view to optimize your workflow

As you know, we are obsessed with making improvements to Pagico so that it can make your life easier and more pleasant. And I think we achieved this goal with the latest Pagico 7.3. Carrying lots of minor improvements, v7.3 has a new feature that can significantly optimize your workflow.

Named the Today view, this feature is designed to:

  • help you focus on your current day
  • let you quickly and easily review your plans
  • let you make new tasks & reschedule on-the-fly
  • let you get more done, reduce the number of overdue tasks, and make you feel awesome.

Want to know more? Read on! Read More

Coming tomorrow: Pagico 7.3 has a new feature to make you instantly more productive and feel awesome

It’s a brand-new Today feature that is clean & pleasant to look at. It will keep you informed and focused on what’s important, and it will let you prioritize and reschedule with ease. Most importantly, it’s always just a keyboard shortcut away from what you’re doing. This makes reviewing your day easier than ever. Last but not least — it makes you feel awesome at the end of the day.

The Today View

Pagico 7.3 is coming tomorrow, Friday October 23. It will be a FREE update to all v7 users.

Amazing Pagico features to instantly boost your productivity

Pagico is a unique program that seamlessly combines data management and task planning. It has lots of versatile features that can fit into your workflow, and knowing how to efficiently use them will make a difference on your productivity. Here are a few tips to let you take full advantage of the smart features in Pagico, and instantly be more productive.

Pagico 7.2 r1821 is now available for OS X

Pagico 7.2 r1821 is a bug fix release for the Mac platform. This version addresses the following OS X-only issues:

  • Fixed an issue where notifications might not be fired properly
  • Fixed an issue where email message dragged from Apple Mail were not correctly imported
  • Improved compatibility with emails dragged from Microsoft Outlook 2016

As a free update, Pagico 7.2 r1821 is recommended for all Mac users to update. Visit the Download section to grab it.

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