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Pagico 8.7 Beta 3

Change List

Pagico 8.7 Beta 3 (build number 2145) is the release candidate for version 8.7.

Feature Improvements

  • Pagico on Windows can now import emails from Microsoft Outlook via drag and drop
  • Pagico on Windows will now print better using the system default print dialogue
  • Pagico 8.7 is now localized in Russian (special thanks to Veresk for the localization)
  • Sub-containers are now correctly rendered in public shares and exported packages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where certain keyboard shortcuts may not work on Mac
  • Fixed an issue with the container filters (By due date & By status options didn’t work correctly in certain cases)
  • Fixed an issue where the Inbox Sync may fail to get past the “Comparing notes” stage
  • Fixed an issue where the workspace sync may get stuck at the “Collecting changes” stage
  • Fixed a UI issue with the Pagico ID sign up panel
  • Fixed an issue where the signal background pattern doesn’t go away when a container is un-shared from all workspaces
  • Minor UI tweaks on Windows

Pagico 8.7 beta 3 is available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu, and are available to beta testers only. Want to test Pagico 8.7 (and all future beta builds) first before we publicly release it? Just sign up for  beta builds here. We’ll send you an email as soon as beta builds are ready. Otherwise, Pagico 8.7 will be released officially as soon as all the issues are ironed out.

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