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Pagico 8.7 r2170 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.7 r2170 is a maintenance update that brings improved user experience and bug fixes, and is free for all v8 users.

Change List

  • Fixed an issue where pressing the ESC key in the search field may also exit the fullscreen mode on Mac
  • Restored the Duplicate option to the context menu for lists and notes
  • Fixed an issue where the alarm selection may not popup correctly when setting dates with a time component
  • Adjusted the placement of the More Actions button for lists and notes to make the context menu more visible
  • Fixed an issue where items created through Pagico Helper may not respect the default alarm setting user preference
  • Fixed an issue where rescheduling items from Calendar view may result in incorrect changes when the date format is in D/M/Y or Y-M-D
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a tag didn’t bring up the expected search results
  • Fixed an issue where exact matched items may not be listed at the top of search results
  • Fixed an issue where contact lists may be sorted incorrectly

Getting the Update

This update is free for all v8 users. To get this update, simply visit the Download Section and download the new version.

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