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Pagico 8.8 brings contact tagging support, sortable lists and more

Pagico 8.8, a free update to all existing v8 users, brings a number of feature improvements and bug fixes.

Feature Improvements

  • The alerts for updated data through workspaces, are now grouped (when necessary) to reduce visual clutter
  • Contacts now support a dedicated Tags field
  • Contacts will now be included in tag-based Smart Collections
  • The list item sorting process is now animated to provide visual feedback on the sort operation
  • The Tag Browser for projects can now be resized by dragging and dropping

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the list completion indicator (pie chart) may be rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where hitting ESC in task editing mode and a few other places may accidentally exit the fullscreen mode of Pagico
  • Fixed an issue when the keyboard shortcut ENTER may not correctly invoke the new list item input field even though the list is already selected
  • Fixed an issue where umlauts in contact names may cause search engine indexing issues
  • Fixed a UI issue in file objects with short file names
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where importing single files using the built-in file picker may not work as expected
  • Fixed an issue where certain email URI links may be incorrectly rendered
  • Fixed an issue where the column headings of the calendar week view may not correctly reflect the user’s date format preference
  • Fixed an issue where multi-day items may fill up the days column in the calendar week view


Pagico 8.8 is available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu. Please visit the Download Section to download and install the update.

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