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Pagico 8.8 Update 5 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.8 Update 5 (rev. 2205) is a maintenance update that brings bug fixes and minor feature improvements, and it is a recommended update for all v8 users.

Change List

  • New: Users can now set a preferred time for all-day event alerts
  • New: In the All-Tasks view, the Pending and Overdue tabs are now merged into one tab for more convenient viewing
  • New: Users can now set if completed items be included in the external calendar feed
  • New: The Today view will now sort tasks by due time until they are manually sorted (the manual order will override the default due time sorting)
  • The file selection dialogue on Mac now remembers the previously used location
  • The calendar Week View will only display up to 8 all-day events in order to preserve a pleasant user interface; additional all-day events will be revealed upon click.
  • The built-in calendar Month View will not be subject to the new all-day event count limit
  • Inline cross links now work with containers whose title contain umlauts
  • The Cmd+A select all action is now restored in the search box
  • Fixed an issue where the file chooser on Mac may not trigger correctly
  • Improved the reliability of the storage of database settings
  • Improved the error handling when the database settings are corrupted
  • Fixed an issue where imported files may become sticky and attached to all newly created tasks
  • In calendar views, the tasks will be displayed using completion dates instead of the original due dates if possible
  • Fixed an issue where certain corrupted unicode characters may cause rendering issues in calendar views
  • Fixed an issue where the same workspace can be joined twice, resulting in a duplicated item in the Workspaces section

Getting the Update

Please visit the Download Page to download and install this update.

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