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Pagico Workflow for Alfred 2 is now available for FREE! [UPDATEDx1]

Download Pagico Utilities for Alfred 2

Alfred is an amazing productivity tool. Just in case you didn’t know — Alfred allows you to quickly launch any application (or open any document) by typing just a few keywords. It’s on all our machines and we can’t imagine living without it. Now, the latest Alfred 2 comes with a brand new feature called Workflows, which are extensions that can be developed to perform a wide range of tasks. We loved this new capability so much, that we came up with our own extension for Pagico.

Update on May 13 2014: The Alfred Workflow has been updated to v1.1. Click on the banner image (above) to download it.

Here’s how it’ll look like:

Add new task to Pagico using Alfred Workflow

It’s called Pagico Utilities, and it will allow you to quickly jot down new notes or tasks and save them to your Inbox. You can even select a portion of text in any program, use a keyboard shortcut (customizable) to bring up the Pagico workflow with the selected text, and save it as a note. And best of all, it’s free! Just click the banner above to grab it!

A quick tutorial

  1. Be sure to have Pagico for Desktop v6.1 r1432+ and Alfred 2 with PowerPack, which allows you to import workflows.
  2. Download (click the banner above) and open the workflow. Alfred 2 will automatically import it.
  3. Start by typing the keyword ptask (for creating a new task) or pnote (for creating a new note). For example, to set up a task for tomorrow, simply type this and hit enter to save:
    ptask tomorrow Do hair cut
  4. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to bring up these two tools easily: Opt+Cmd+N for new note, and Opt+Cmd+T for new task.
    You can change these keyboard shortcuts to anything you like in the Alfred Workflows screen.

In addition, you can also quickly review all pending (read: incomplete) tasks due today by using keyword: ptoday in Alfred.

Hope you’ll enjoy!


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