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Pagico 8.3 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Thank you all for choosing Pagico! Pagico 8.3 is the 4th update that brings refinements and bug fixes, and it’s free for all v8 users. Read More

Pagico 8.2 (r2058) is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Thank you for choosing Pagico! Pagico v8.2 is the 3rd minor update that brings new features and bug fixes and it’s free for all v8 users.

Feature Improvements

  • The Helper app now has an appropriate menu icon for macOS using the dark mode
  • Clicking on a notification alert will now bring up Pagico and show the referenced item
  • When creating new containers through the Move-To panel, the newly created container will be automatically starred for easy access
  • Adjusted icons for file objects

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where archived tasks couldn’t be unarchived
  • Fixed several issues affecting archiving & unarchiving tasks from the All Tasks view
  • Fixed an issue where the archived items count may not show up in Inbox and contact profiles
  • Fixed an issue where some tasks may be missing from the All Tasks -> Completed view
  • Fixed an issue where deleted archived items may continue to show up in the All Tasks -> Completed view
  • Fixed an issue where hyphens in contact names may break cross links
  • Fixed an issue where checking off a repeating task may get the entire list archived
  • Fixed an issue where dates may be off by one day in flowcharts
  • Fixed an issue where broken cross links may cause excessive CPU usage
  • Fixed a rendering issue of hyperlinks in notes
  • Fixed an issue in the select-text-and-create-container menu command

Pagico 8.1 (r2053) is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.0 launched just merely one week ago, and it was one of the best launches we’ve ever had. Yet, we’ve already been hard at work to make it even better. Pagico 8.1 addresses several issues, improves workspace sync reliability, and brings a few feature improvements. It’s recommended for all v8 users to upgrade. Read More

Pagico 8.0 Update 1 (r2045)

Pagico 8 is THE BEST launch we’ve ever had! Thank you all for choosing Pagico. During the launch weekend, we identified a number of small issues (apparently no beta program can reveal every issue). A big THANK YOU to all who worked with us and provided us with precious logs and detailed feedback. Read More

Pagico 8.0 (r2039)

Welcome to Pagico 8!

Over 6 months in development and packed with new features and new designs, Pagico 8 continues to be one of the best task planner software for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.

Pagico 8 brings over 50 amazing new features, including the new color-coded flowchart, calendar view, smart filter, quick navigation, duplication/template feature and more. But that’s not all — With the hundreds of improvements that enhance the user experience and the refreshed user interface, Pagico 8 streamlines existing features to make them easier and more pleasing to use than ever.

What Pagico 8 brings is much more than just a task manager. It’s a pleasing working environment to help you get organized, be more productive, and feel awesome.

For detailed new features and improvements, please visit

Change List

New in r2039:

  • Fixed an issue in the workspace calendar view
  • Fixed an issue that the create-new project and contact prompt may freeze when typing
  • Increased the font size of the timezone selection screen at launch
  • Fixed an issue where an empty progress bar may show up at launch
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