Pagico 8 Release Notes

Pagico 8.6 r2119 brings bug fixes and improvements to macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.6 (r2115 r2119) is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu. This is a maintenance release that brings minor feature improvements and bug fixes, and it’s recommended for all v8 users to upgrade.

Feature improvements

  • The By-Type mode will now automatically invoke lazy loading based on scrolling positions
  • Default reminder options for new tasks can now be customized in the Preferences section
  • Minor performance improvement due to various optimizations
  • The print feature badge icon has a lower-contrast design to reduce distraction
  • Improved the way expired workspaces are handled
  • When filtering by tags, lists whose title contains the matching tag will now be correctly displayed
  • Adjusted the way the Today view is rendered on Ubuntu for optimal rendering performance
  • Dragging list items across lists is more reliable
  • New in r2119: Adjusted the lazy-loading mechanism for contact list rendering for better user experience

Bug Fixes

  • New in r2119: Fixed an issue where Pagico Helper on macOS may not be able to save tasks & notes correctly
  • New in r2119: Fixed an issue where tasks created via Zapier may not be checked off correctly
  • New in r2119: Fixed an issue where reordering list items within the same list may not work in same cases
  • New in r2119: Fixed an issue where the “+” (add new) button may not show up in Inbox
  • New in r2117: Fixed an issue where the Preferences section may not be able to save default reminder options
  • New in r2117: Fixed an issue where workspaces may be incorrectly labeled as “Already Expired”
  • Fixed an issue where the lazy-loading mechanism in List Views may not reveal additional items when things are grouped
  • When setting dates and times using the date picker, the Repeat option will be correctly enabled in the New Task panel
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the search results cannot be navigated by keyboard input
  • Fixed an issue where a note (appointment) could not be correctly archived using the contextual menu command
  • Fixed an issue where confirming a character using the Japanese input method may incorrectly invoke the Save action in the Comments viewer
  • Fixed an issue where the date-time picker may be inappropriately positioned
  • When using the auto-complete feature in the New List Item field, hitting ENTER will now correctly pick the currently selected auto-complete item
  • Fixed an issue where a newly added item may not correctly show up in the Timeline view

How to Upgrade

Pagico 8.6 (r2117) is a free update to all v8 users. If you are on macOS, then you can use the built-in Update Checker to grab this update directly. Otherwise, please visit the Download Section to download & install the update.