Pagico v3.2.2 is at the corner!

Hi all,

Just to let you know that we’ve been very busy preparing for the release of Pagico v3.2.2, a minor update for the Pagico v3.2 product line. This new version will be released for all three platforms (Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu) in the upcoming weeks (it’s still kind of premature to have a specific date, and the progress of it now is primarily based on how our test on the Ubuntu edition goes).

Although being called as a minor update, the improvements are not minor at all! Just take a look at the change list, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be as much excited as we are. 😉

New Feature / Improvements

  • Added Ubuntu Support (currently for 8.04 and 8.10)!
  • Schedule flowchart now shows six weeks
  • Window width can now be adjusted
  • Content will adjust automatically according to the window size
  • Improved the UI of database lock
  • The dashboard now shows 5 recently modified topics
  • Improved TagExplore Browser: Now the “All Topics” item shows sub-categories as well
  • Improved the UI of contact profile lists
  • The WYSIWYG editor now has two new features: paragraph style selection and “clear format”
  • The interface will not flash to black when importing files using drag and drop
  • Password Protected Databases are automatically locked after idle of 25 minutes
  • Greatly improved UI for lists in topics
  • Added a “Today” section in the Dashboard panel to show all the tasks scheduled on today (the same as the “Today” concept in the GTD system)
  • More Intuitive version numbers

Bug Fixes

  • Content will not flash when adjusting window size
  • Fixed a UI bug when the contact name is double-clicked
  • Fixed a bug that the contact information was not shown right after being imported
  • Fixed a bug in displaying content of smart groups with more than two rules
  • Fixed the topic export feature in Windows
  • Fixed a bug that some times exporting the iCal calendar might not work properly in Windows
  • Fixed a bug that some times image previews were not displayed properly
  • Fixed a bug that long topic names in “All Tasks” section may cause text overlap
  • Fixed a bug that documents in Pagico are not able to be opened in a very rare scenario
  • Fixed a bug that “Save As” feature in Mac might not work when the document is a folder
  • File names are preserved when using “Saved As” feature
  • File names are preserved when launched from Pagico (folder-structured documents are not supported, i.e. iWork Pages)
  • Descriptions for list items can be multi-line when creating the item as well
  • Fixed a bug that contact profile tasks were truncated when archived
  • Fixed a bug that password protected databases do not require login when launched (Windows Only)
  • Fixed a bug that database name was not displayed in the caption bar of the login screen (Windows Only)
  • Fixed a bug that database password settings were not saved when pressing “enter” key (Windows Only)
  • The content will now scroll automatically when dragging a list item to the edge
  • The recently accessed list now shows recently opened databases in the correct order

Call for beta testers and reviewers

If you’re interested in either trying out or write something about this new v3.2.2 while it’s hot, please leave your comment here, and we’ll be happy to contact you about how to get started. 😉
Note: Only available for Mac and Windows editions. The Ubuntu edition is currently unavailable for public beta test.