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Coming Soon: New Server in the EU, Better Pagico Mobile, and more!

Greetings, everyone! Today we are thrilled to announce a number of key updates that are coming in the next few days.

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Pagico 8.16 is now available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu (UPDATED x 2)

Today is the day! The sixteenth point update for Pagico 8, Pagico 8.16 (revision 2361 2362 2363) is now officially available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu! As covered before, this is a big update with new features and lots of bug fixes. It’s a free update for all v8 users.

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Pagico 8.15 brings multicolumn layout and several new features

As the 15th point update for Pagico v8, Pagico 8.15 is here to further enhance your productivity with more efficient ways to present your data, faster access to your data, better support for templates, new bulk actions, and a lot more.

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The brand-new Pagico Mobile is now available for iOS and Android

Happy Monday everyone! We are excited to release the brand new Pagico Mobile (version 5) for iOS and Android devices! After months of development and testing, the new Pagico Mobile app is a complete rebuild that is designed to offer better features and superior user experience compared to its predecessor. Read More

Sneak Peak: Teammate content filters

Are you using Pagico with your team and syncing data via workspaces? If so, you’ll certainly run into an annoying issue: everyone’s data is showing up on your Dashboard, which makes it cluttered. Introducing the brand-new Teammate Content Filter.

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Pagico 7.5 r1912 brings webcal feed, time picker, data filter and more

Pagico 7.5 r1912 is a heavy-weight yet free update that brings a number of key improvements and bug fixes to OS X and Windows. Here are the highlights: Read More

Pagico 7 has arrived!

Get ready to boost your productivity even further with Pagico 7! In case you are not a Pagico user currently — Pagico is all your tasks, notes, files, projects and clients in one elegant package. It combines data organization with task management, and it’s very easy to use. And if you’ve been using Pagico in the past, definitely check out Pagico 7 as well. It’s our best product yet with dozens of highlight improvements.

Watch the video to see the highlights, and read on for more detailed improvements!

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