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How to use Pagico to organize your entire Business.

As a business owner, there are an endless amount of tasks to juggle. Sometimes all at once.

Between finding new clients, managing employees, and building your Company⁠— it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Which is why you need to utilize Pagico to organize your entire Business.

What is Pagico?

Pagico is a project management software, address book, file holder and business dashboard that can help you streamline and maintain your day to day goals as well as stick to your long term ones.

“Project management software has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resource tools and develop resource estimates.” – Wikipedia

How you can use Pagico to organize your entire Business:

1. By creating a centralized Dashboard

Using Pagico will allow you to put all of your projects and tasks in one place. 

You can stop using sticky notes, social media messages, emails, and an address book to manage your work. 

Instead, you’ll have a centralized Headquarters for your entire business. 

Imagine having to only go to one place to:

  • See what tasks that need to be done for the day
  • Access your Client Contact Information
  • Build out your Sales + Marketing plan
  • Delegate something to a Client or Teammate

Once you Upgrade your Productivity with Pagico, you’re going to feel so organized!

2. By turning your goals into an Action Plan

Goal setting can make a drastic difference. But if you are unable to turn your goals into an action plan, then you may never accomplish them.

By building out your tasks in Pagico, you’ll be able to stay focused on your top priorities. 

You’ll find yourself accomplishing your goals faster, with a more streamlined process! 

3. Save time by streamlining

No matter what type of business you run, there are things you do over and over again:

  • Scheduling calls with Clients or Vendors
  • Recurring administrative tasks
  • Delegating Tasks to Teammates
  • Creating Notes or To-Do Lists
  • Searching for Files and Documents

Save time by housing everything in the same exact place, and by dedicating folders for every project you are working on.

4. View your Timeline at a glance

  • Visualize and forecast your workload with the Timeline feature.
  • Forecast your availability.
  • Change your Calendar around efficiently.

You’ll be able to get prepared and plan for what is coming up next.

5. Get more done

Overall, using Pagico is going to help you check off more tasks:

  • You’ll have a centralized dashboard for your business.
  • You’ll have a Today View to help you accomplish your daily goals.
  • You’ll be out of your Email and focused.
  • You’ll have systems and processes in place for you and your team.

All of these things, ultimately, mean that you can stop feeling disorganized and start really focusing on getting things done. 

You can see what you need to do, what you need to delegate, and will have the ability to manage multiple projects with ease and clarity.

Pagico is easy-to-use and versatile:

  • You can create Folders, Contacts, Tasks, and Projects.
  • You can have conversations with clients and team members directly within.
  • You can sync Pagico to your calendar.
  • You can save Files right from your Web Browser.
  • You can house your Contacts, Notes, and Files all in one place.

        and so much more!

Plus, Pagico has a free 15-day trial! 

Try it out for FREE here.

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