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For Intel Mac

Available in Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, and Japanese .

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New User?

Just download and try Pagico for Desktop for free for 2 weeks! Read the free Quick Start Guide (PDF) and get up to speed with Pagico in just a few minutes. Still have questions? Check out our Online Help section.

Existing User?

If you are an existing user trying to upgrade to the latest version, you just need to download the correct package above for your system and install. No need to remove the existing installation. Data stored in your databases will not be affected during the update process. However, backing up your databases prior to the update is very important, and highly recommended.

Have iPhone and/or iPad?

Check out Pagico Plus for iOS, that's the Pagico designed specifically for iPhone and iPad. It also comes with a data sync plan, allowing you to sync your data across your computers & devices.

Version 5 License Owners?

Pagico for Desktop version 6 is a paid upgrade. We offer huge discounts for you to upgrade to version 6. But if you're looking for v5.x packages, please head over to our Legacy Downloads section.

Alfred 2 Power Pack Users?

Grab the Pagico Workflow for Alfred 2 (FREE!) to quickly add tasks or notes with just a few key strokes!

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