Presentics nicely reviewed on TUAW

First off, many thanks for TUAW and editor Mel Martin for the article!! We are extremely excited and honored to have TUAW covering our app. Here’s a brief section from the article:

Presentics … is a fascinating presentation app for the iPad. … You can spin up some very nice presentations that work on your iPad alone or when it’s connected to a big screen or projector.

The app has some innovative features … Presentics allows you to draw on screen in real time, or import just about any media or text from the web, Dropbox, Google Drive or your own media already on your iPad. There is support for images, video clips, audio clips, documents (PDF, HTML, Word, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote) and web pages, along with streaming media if you have an internet connection.

Besides the positives of Presentics, the article also points out a problem in the UI flow when comes to editing presentation content. Interestingly, we were not really happy about the way the Edit mode is designed, too. So we already worked hard to bring you the v1.5, which is currently waiting for Apple’s approval. Due around January 20th, the v1.5 is going to be much more user friendly than the current outgoing v1.3.

You can read the full article on TUAW.