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A perfect blend of personal data management and team collaboration.
Elegant, simple, efficient and affordable.

Works on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, iOS & Android.

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Pagico for Teams Highlights

Manage projects & clients and stay in sync with your team.

Projects & contacts can store not only tasks, but also notes, emails and files
Selectively sync projects & clients so you can manage personal & team projects in one database
Team dashboards visualize your team workload to help you focus and reduce distraction
Daily Planning section helps you focus on work for the current day
Enjoy complete access to all shared data even when you're offline.
Assign tasks to your team members with a few clicks
Realtime chat to keep everyone on the same page.
FREE software upgrades for all team members
FREE consultation & tech support so you and your team can get the most out of Pagico
Affordable pricing that is as low as $5/user/month

Refreshingly intuitive.

Stay updated on your team's activities. Pin topical items for all teammates to see, and delegate tasks with ease. That's an instant productivity boost right there.

Realtime Communication

Good teamwork relies on efficient communication. With the new Team Chat feature (in Pagico 9.2 and later), your team can stay up-to-date easier than ever.

Centralized File Access

Need to find a spreadsheet quickly? See them all in one place.

Timeline for your team.

Like the beloved Timeline view from your Dashboard, each team has its own Timeline view to give you a visual overview of your team's workload.

Sync selectively.

Not everything needs to be sync'ed with your team. So in Pagico, you can manage all of your data in one database to achieve maximum productivity, and selectively sync projects & clients with your team.

That also means that you can easily choose to share certain items in one workspace, other stuff in another workspace, or keep personal items local only.

Offline? No problem.

All the shared data are stored locally on your computer / device. So you can work on your stuff at any time, with or without an internet connection.

Once you're back online, Pagico will sync our servers right away to bring everything up-to-date.

Assign tasks to anyone.

Pagico is famous for being versatile. So in teamwork mode, the cross-link feature also doubles as the task assignment feature. Simply hover over any task, and click on the Link Helper. Select the desired team member (or perform a quick search), and click Confirm to finish the assignment.

Any task you created will remain visible on your Dashboard, so you can keep an eye on it. And that task will also appear on the assignee's Dashboard, so he can see it too. Everyone else will continue to enjoy their own Dashboard without distraction.

Security without passwords.

Your Workspaces are protected by a very unique design: Invitation Codes. Instead of setting passwords for your workspaces, you invite your team members using invitation codes. Only the people with the invitation code can join your workspace.

The best part? Each invitation code works only once. As soon as an invitation code is used, it's invalidated immediately so no one else can use it to sneak in. One less password to worry about!

Access your data anywhere.

Need your data on the go? Just get Pagico Mobile, a lightweight client that syncs with workspaces. If a user is already part of a workspace, he/she will automatically be able to access this workspace on the mobile app.

Pagico Mobile works great on iPhones, iPads & Android handsets.

Privacy and Security

NOTES17 takes data security and the privacy of your information very seriously. That's why our workspace servers are running in professionally managed data centers in Virginia with layers of firewalls against unauthorized access. All your data on our server is encrypted using 256-bit AES, and all data transmission between your Pagico and our servers are done over SSL.

World-Class Service

We understand that service is just as important as the app itself. Therefore, we personally respond to every email, and our average response time is within 1 business day. We also know that every team manages projects differently, so we offer free consultation to help you get the most out of the Pagico suite.

Storage & Pricing

Workspaces can be created right in your Pagico on your computer, and all new workspaces come with a 30-day free usage period with no upfront payment required.

2GiB Storage Per User
Up to 2 Users (unlimited devices)
Unlimited Team Workspaces
Free Software Updates


* Only available to existing Pagico users

Small Team
2GiB Storage Per User
Up to 5 Users (unlimited devices)
Unlimited Team Workspaces
Free Software Updates

$25/month or
$220/year (1 month free!)

Large Team
2GiB Storage Per User
Up to 10 Users (unlimited devices)
Unlimited Team Workspaces
Free Software Updates

$50/month or
$440/year (1 month free!)

The workspace data capacity only applies to data in your workspace. Users can store and manage unlimited data in their local databases, and can selectively sync items in team workspaces.

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