Pagico Workshop Series

Pagico Workshop 2: Pagico as your CRM (Replay Available)

Update on Jan 6: The workshop 2 has concluded successfully! Thank you again to everyone who attended it. If you missed it, please watch the replay. We hope you’ll enjoy!

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Greetings and happy new year!

Back in October of 2022, we held our very first Pagico Workshop on managing personal tasks and projects. It was absolutely wonderful to see many of our friends during the live stream and we couldn’t be happier! So this time, we are happy to announce that our second Pagico Workshop will go live on Friday, January 6 at 1:30pm Eastern Standard Time, and the estimated duration is 45 minutes. So please mark your calendar and join us live if you can! Scroll to the bottom of this page for the live stream link.

The main topic of this Pagico Workshop 2 is best practices on the management of your contacts and clients. And of course, the workshop is followed by a live Q&A session so you can get your questions answered as well. Have things you want us to cover? Click here and let us know so we can be better prepared!

We completely understand that many of our customers are in different timezones, and that this one time doesn’t work for everyone. We apologize for the inconvenience! The workshop will be archived for rewatch, so if you do miss the live show, you can always come back and replay it. Also, we know we can’t cover everything in just one workshop. So we’ll cover different things as we go, and we’ll continuously collect questions from you to better arrange our content.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank you all for responding to our call; we are extremely grateful and encouraged for the strong and enthusiastic customer community that we have. We can’t wait to see you during the live workshop. Again, the date is Friday, January 6th at 1:30pm EST, and the workshop should last around 45 minutes followed with a live Q&A session.

Thank you all, and we hope to see you very soon!