Sneak Peak: Bulk project ownership change in workspaces

Rejoice, Pagico workspace users! In the upcoming Pagico 8.7, you’ll be able to easily update the ownership of one or more containers.

How ownership works

A container (project or contact) is owned by the device (or database) that it was first created on. So for instance, a project that was created on your iPad is “owned” by the iPad app; while a contact that was first created on your colleagues’ workstation is owned by that particular database on that device. Only “owners” can perform certain actions to these containers, such as share & un-share in workspaces. And if the owner is removed from a workspace, all its owned data will be brought offline as well.

This design offers users control on the shared data. If you shared a project with your colleague, then you can take it back (un-share) or delete it whenever you want to. However, things become complex when you want to delete one of your projects that was first created on a different device, or when a teammate left your team.

How Pagico 8.7 can help

In Pagico 8.7, you’ll be able to quickly sort all shared items in your workspace by their owners. Then, you can simply multi-select then right-click to convert the ownership to your current device.


This ownership update mechanism, among many other exciting changes, is coming soon to you in Pagico 8.7.

Want to test Pagico 8.7 (and all future beta builds) first before we publicly release it? Just sign up for  beta builds here. We’ll send you an email as soon as beta builds are ready.

Sneak Peak: Improved content filters

We’ve been working hard on a number of very exciting things for Pagico lately. One of those things is the brand-new content filter for your data.

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[Service Update] Email delivery restored after the Amazon AWS outage on Feb 28

Update: The AWS issues had been sorted out later on Feb 28.

Since approximately February 28 12:00pm EST, Amazon AWS cloud services started to experience outages. This incident has widespread outcome affecting a large number of websites and services. As a result, email deliveries such as the order confirmation and license retrieval may take a little longer to complete (but they do work). Workspace data sync is not affected at the moment, but they are hosted on AWS EC2, which may experience outage shortly, depending on the changing situation. We’ll keep you informed if this changes.

Your Pagico data on your computers & devices will not be affected by this incident.

Thank you for your patience!

Pagico 8.6 r2119 brings bug fixes and improvements to macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.6 (r2115 r2119) is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu. This is a maintenance release that brings minor feature improvements and bug fixes, and it’s recommended for all v8 users to upgrade. Read More

Pagico 8.6 brings Banner Mode for images, feature improvements and bug fixes to macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.6

Pagico 8.6 is here! It brings a brand-new Banner Mode for images, several feature improvements and bug fixes. It’s a free update for all v8 users, and it’s recommended for all to upgrade. Read More

Pagico on Setapp

Pagico on Setapp

Our friends over at MacPaw have launched Setapp: a new service that gives you over 60 stellar apps including Pagico for only $9.99 per month. Setapp is as simple as a folder on your Mac with an app for every job. And the best thing is, you’ll have a whole month to get a taste of it at no cost. You can read all about Setapp on their page. Read More

Pagico 8.5 r2100 brings several improvements to macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.5 r2100 is a maintenance update that brings minor feature improvements and bug fixes. It’s a free and recommended update to all v8 users. Read More

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