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Pagico Plus 2 for iOS reviewed: Excellent

It has been almost a week since Pagico Plus 2 for iOS launched, and this undoubtedly is our best product launch ever! Pagico Plus 2 on the iPhone is fast, flexible, and the beautiful user interface makes getting jobs done that much more pleasant. Simply put, people are loving it! And no, we didn’t make this up. Here’s what people are saying about the app:

On Blogs

Blogger Ozengo wrote an extensive review article on Pagico Plus 2 on the iPhone, and here’s a excerpt of it:

Pagico Plus for iPhone is a snazzy addition to Pagico’s productivity platform. It is fast, beautifully designed and easy to navigate. … Having ready access to your tasks is just the beginning; this elegant little app becomes quite a project management powerhouse when you realise you can also access your contact profiles and key project documentation in a variety of file formats. For newcomers the Pagico iPhone app provides an impressive introduction to a versatile productivity platform … Those already using Pagico will need little encouragement to extend the mobility of their app to the iPhone.

A very encouraging article indeed! And if you’re interested, here’s the full article on Ozengo’s blog.

Pagico Plus 2 also received a very nice review from French iOS software review site

“Simple, Elegant, and Practical”, 9 out of 10

Since Google translate doesn’t do a really good job, you’ll need to read the actual article (in French).

On Twitter

We also received nice comments on twitter as well:

“Awesome task management software”

“Etre productif en équipe : passez à la vitesse supérieure avec Pagico Plus”

Emails and AppStore reviews

“… Pagico is by a long way the most visually impressive UI, feature rich but in an uncomplicated and user friendly way and practical iOS solution.”


“… If you are looking for an electronic GTD solution, this is the best I have found and a realistic price!”


“… After using this app along with the desktop version and cloud sync, I wonder how I managed before. Great app, excellent support and great development!”


… and many more!

As you may know, small companies like us live and die by your feedback and comments, especially at important venues such as the AppStore and sites like MacUpdate. So if you like our products, please do keep the comments coming!