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UPDATED: Pagico v3.2.2 r634 (the 2nd beta for Ubuntu), and what’s next

Hi all,

First of all I’d like to say “thank you!” to the ubuntu users who have participated our new Pagico on ubuntu beta program! Within the past weeks, thousands of users have downloaded the new beta and provided many precious feedback! I’d like to let you know that we appreciate them very much! For those who haven’t tried it yet, learn more about Pagico on Ubuntu.

But things just keep getting better. Just thought you’d like to know that there is another update coming soon. This release is mainly a bug-fix update for all platforms (Windows, Mac and Ubuntu), but it definitely means a lot more than just that for Ubuntu users, as it brings many important features back alive, including the printing capability and the topic export feature.

Also it addresses an issue regarding to topic groups with special characters in the group titles.
UPDATE: The upcoming r634 release fixes a very serious bug in the task archiving feature for contact profiles. So for now, please do NOT use the archive feature in contact profiles.

There aren’t a lot of bug fixes in this release. Being a lot less exciting than some releases with tons of improvements and bug fixes, we actually taking this as a good sign: with less things break and need to be fixed, Pagico simply is stronger, more stable than ever, and feature-complete (almost).

So, from now on, we’ll be focusing on adding exciting new features to Pagico, including the most-wanted internet-based seamless collaboration capability.

On our roadmap, there is also a web-based product, that can be used to access your data anywhere, using any internet-enabled devices. Although there will be no iPhone-dedicated application, the web version will be heavily optimized for mobile devices to ensure the performance and usability.

All right, enough talking. Let us get back to work, so we can bring you the new update asap!


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