Bug Alert for Presentics 1.8 (Updated: It’s all good now!)

UPDATE: Presentics 1.8.1 is now available on the AppStore. It has fixed the bug mentioned below and this update is recommended for everyone to upgrade.

Presentics 1.8 is available now on the AppStore! But for those of you who have purchased Presentics Unlock, please hold on and do not update to 1.8 yet. There is a small glitch in the newer update that will not recognize your existing In-App-Purchase. And even the Restore Purchase won’t help much. As such, you’ll only see the first two of your presentations. But if you already upgraded, and only see your first two presentations, there’s no need to panic. You’re not losing any data. It’s just that they’re not visible. Please do not delete Presentics app and re-download it from the AppStore.

We’ve corrected this nasty bug and submitted an emergency fix update to Apple for review. Hopefully the 1.8.1 can get approved quickly. Once it hits the store, just update and you’ll see all your presentations coming back (probably after a tap on the Restore Purchase button).

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you very much for your patience!