Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico 10 Update 3

Greetings! Today we’re excited to release another update for Pagico 10 to address a few additional issues we spotted over the past few days. This is a bug-fix release that is recommended for all users to update.


  • Improved the sidebar widgets to allow easy data refresh when initial loading attempts fails
  • Improved the listing of tasks in sidebar widgets
  • Fixed an issue with the timeline renderings with task bars extending beyond the visible scope
  • Improved the way task status are rendered in linked containers
  • Fixed an issue where links and tags weren’t properly rendered on certain Mac systems
  • Fixed a few issues with the rendering of deleted items in the Trash section
  • Fixed an issue where linked contacts may not show up in certain cases
  • Fixed the rendering of folders
  • Fixed issues with the creation and deletion of categories in teams
  • Fixed an UI issue where the toolbar may overlap with the tabs bars

Getting the Update

As always, this update can be obtained through the in-app updater, or manually downloaded from our Downloads Section.