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Pagico 8.14 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu (UPDATEDx1)

What a busy and exciting Monday! We’re excited to announce the availability of Pagico 8.14 to macOS, Windows and Ubuntu. This is a heavy weight update that brings several improvements and lots of bug fixes. It’s a free update to all v8 users.

Update on July 13: Pagico 8.14 r2319 is released to address an annoying issue related to data sync.

New Features

  • Pagico Browser Extension for Safari (details)
    You can now create new tasks right within Safari! Saving webpages to Pagico is easier than ever.
  • New Personal Sync and Team Sync workspace tiers (details)
    These two new workspace tiers offer more flexibility, unlimited device count, and more sync storage.
  • Pagico URI scheme actions (details)
    Power users can now use URI calls to create new tasks, notes, projects or contacts programmatically.
  • Faster launch time
    Pagico launch time is reduced by 50%.
  • Database-wide Auto-Clean
    Now you can click on the Auto-Clean button and archive (or delete) completed items from all projects and contacts in shot.

Stability Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the phrasing of smart snooze options
  • Fixed an issue where checking off a repeating task in a sorted list may cause the list item sequence to shift unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue where Ctrl+Click in a list may accidentally clear the item selection
  • Fixed an issue where certain characters and formatting options may cause rendering issues in collections
  • Fixed an issue where line breaks in project titles may cause Timeline rendering issues
  • Fixed an issue where projects or contacts, when exported, may have incorrect content sequence
  • Fixed an issue where the macOS QuickLook feature may not work correctly on files whose names contain special characters
  • Fixed an issue where single and double quotes may cause incorrect search results
  • Fixed an issue where the Show in Folder option may not work when the path contains special characters
  • Fixed an issue where tags with hyphens were not handled correctly during the project creation process
  • Fixed an issue where the character plus (+) in email addresses were not handled correctly in contacts
  • Fixed a UI issue where the project content controls on the right may get lost when the window is smaller than a certain point
  • Fixed an issue where the list title edit input box may be incorrectly positioned when the Pagico window is smaller to a certain extent
  • Fixed an issue where the search results display may not line up correctly with custom-sized sidebar
  • Fixed an issue where the Show Archived toggle didn’t show up after a link-and-archive action for files
  • Fixed several issues that may prevent list items from being dragged to reorder
  • Improved the handling of line breaks in pasted content
  • Improved the UI layout for projects with a large number of tags
  • Fixed an issue where certain phone numbers may be lost in exported vCard contact files
  • Improved the user experience when connecting to a workspace for the first time
  • Tags in contacts are now included in exported packages and the Public Share version
  • Fixed an issue where in the Todays view, tasks from other sections couldn’t be dragged into the Optional list directly
  • New in r2319: Minor UI improvements
  • New in r2319: Fixed an issue where Pagico may repeatedly report sync engine start errors


Pagico 8.14 is now available for macOS (10.7 – 10.12), Windows 7+, and 64-bit Ubuntu (14.04 – 17.10). This update can be downloaded from the Download Section.

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