Pagico 8 Release Notes

Pagico 8.9 r2220 is here to give your new year a running start

Happy New Year everyone! We’d like to greet everyone in 2018 by improving Pagico on your computers.

What’s New in Pagico 8.9 (r2220)

  • The “Today” view now highlights items due on the current day
  • The “Myself” contacts are now promoted in the Contacts view
  • The “Myself” contacts of your teammates are now visibly identified
  • The “Myself” contact will be automatically shared in all your workspaces when enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the “Myself” contact may be created repeatedly
  • Adjusted the user content filtering algorithm in Dashboard for better content filtering for teams
  • Improved the way events are rendered on the built-in Calendar view
  • The built-in Calendar view now has vertical dividers
  • Minor UI adjustments to the built-in Calendar view
  • Fixed an issue where text and links couldn’t be imported into Pagico on Mac via drag and drop
  • Enhanced the Pagico startup error diagnostic info output
  • Fixed an issue with the Identity Picker during workspace auto-join attempts
  • Fixed an issue where not all recently modified items are listed on the Dashboard
  • Removed the double-spacing on notes
  • Fixed an issue where the Cmd+Left keyboard shortcut doesn’t perform the Go Back action on Mac
  • Fixed an issue where objects couldn’t be duplicated through the contextual menu
  • Items in collections can now be safely removed (not deleted) from the contextual menu

Getting the Update

Please visit the Download Page to download and install this update