Pagico 8 Release Notes

Pagico 8 beta 8 (rev 2020)

Change List

  • Redesign the startup loading screen
  • Lists will now display a percentage of completed tasks
  • Files will now be presented in a more efficient layout
  • Increased the resolution of thumbnails for image files
  • Folder objects will now show the number of content
  • Fixed the add-new button problem in Static Collections
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the tag browser being empty from time to time
  • Fixed an issue where Pagico may need additional .dll files on Windows 7
  • Fixed an issue where workspace content may not be listed correctly
  • Pagico will no longer trigger system-level Toast notifications on Windows 7 (the Toast notification feature is only available on Windows 8 and later)
  • Pagico will now allow owners of a workspace to delete projects / contacts that were created on another device
  • The day-month-year date format is now correctly respected in the flowchart
  • The create-new panels for new projects and contacts now will reflect user’s Default Workspace setting
  • Improved the compatibility of contact data import via CSV


Pagico 8 Beta 8 is now available for macOS (10.7+) and Windows (7+). The download links are included in the beta release announcement email. If you have already signed up for the public beta, then please check your email for the links. If you wish to sign up for Pagico 8 beta and get early access, please click here (and scroll to the bottom for the beta sign-up). Pagico 8 is scheduled to officially launch on Friday, September 30th.