Pagico 7 Release Notes

Pagico v5.2 r1232 is now available for Mac and Windows

Dear all,

Today I’m excited to let you know that a new Pagico v5.2 (revision 1232) is now available for Mac and Windows! Although this is yet another minor update, we were able to make two rather significant improvements. Read on for more details, or head over to the Download Section to get it.

What’s new in Pagico v5.2 r1232?

  • Link to email messages from Apple Mail via drag and drop
  • Greatly optimized the database loading process
  • Fixed an issue that contacts without last names may not show up in the Contacts section
  • Fixed an issue that in some rare cases databases couldn’t be opened on Windows 7
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases inline-links to contact profiles might not function properly
  • Minor UI improvements

As you can see, among bug fixes, the most significant changes involved in this release is the item 1 and 2 above. Starting from r1232, you now can link to email messages (in the Apple Mail app) by just dragging and dropping. No need to save it to the desktop first any more!

Also, the database loading process has been greatly optimized. We made a number of under-the-hood changes that resulted much fewer moving parts when loading dbs. As a result, now you can get into your database in just over a second.

Hope you’ll enjoy!