Reschedule with Ease

When something needs to be rescheduled, simply tap on the Snooze button and pick one of the auto-generated choices.

Pagico Mobile will intelligently generate the preset dates based on your current schedule. If no preset works for you, you can also manually set the desired date and time.

Snooze Anything

The Intelligent Snooze feature works with everything with a timestamp, including tasks, notes, and even events from your device calendars.

Contextual Actions

Pagico Mobile offers contextual actions throughout the application. Simply tap and hold on a task, a project or a contact, and you'll be able to perform a number of common actions instantly.

Import Contacts From Address Book

Have someone in your Address Book that you'd like to manage in Pagico? Easily import existing contacts without having to re-type all the details.

Works beautifully on iPhone X.

Have that gorgeous iPhone X? Then you'll surely enjoy Pagico Mobile, which is optimized to take advantage of that beautiful screen.

And Android devices, too!

Whether you have an Android tablet, or a smartphone like the new Pixel 2, you will surely enjoy the redesigned UI and new features of Pagico Mobile 5, which is designed with Material Design UI elements and feels right at home on your Android device.

Rapid List Making

With the new inline list item writing UI, you can write list items rapidly with no interruption.

List Item Reordering

You can now easily reorder list items in a list via drag and drop.

Container Schedule Overview

On tablets, you can quickly take a glance on the schedule inside a project without opening it.