Everything Under Control

Stay informed, not overwhelmed.

The new UI in Dark Mode The new UI in Light Mode

Smart search

lets you find things with ease

Three viewing modes

so you can see your workload any way you prefer


let you switch to projects with ease

Quick Start Actions

let you start new content with a single click

Pinned Items

keep important stuff visible

Minimalist Timeline

make workload visible, not overwhelming

Plan Your Day

with focus and style.
New in 2023

A day planner with a personalizable background.

Bring in Calendar Events

And minimize visual clutter.
New in 2023

Easily embed calendar feeds into your Pagico Dashboard

Access Your Content Faster

New in 2023

Switching among your recently accessed content is easier and faster than ever!

Keep Projects Under Control

Easily manage phases of projects, kanban-style
New in 2023

Manage your projects, kanban-style in the new Pagico 10

Bring Everything Together

Yes, everything: Notes, Lists, Tasks, Maps, Documents, all of them!
New in 2023

Manage tasks, notes, lists, maps, links, everything by projects and contacts

Custom Headings

Lists and tasks

Web Links

with description and preview

Embedded Maps

Turn Lists into Pipelines

Visualize your progress

Built-in File Versioning

Easily make snapshots of your files.
New in 2023

Manage tasks easily with the new Quick Snooze feature in Pagico 10

Streamlined List Editing Experience

New in v10

Brand-new list selection and bulk actions make list writing so much easier.

Turn Emails into Tasks

Simply forward emails to your Pagico email
New in v10

Turn emails into tasks with the new Email-to-Task feature in Pagico 10

Simplified Rescheduling

Manage tasks easily with the new Quick Snooze feature
New in v10

Manage tasks easily with the new Quick Snooze feature in Pagico 10

Fill your work with colors

Your content has never looked better.

Color-coded Categories in Pagico 9

Stay informed, not overwhelmed

with stress-free project snapshots.

The brand-new Summary view in Pagico 9

Navigate among your projects with ease

Browse your projects with ease using the new Tag Browser in Pagico 9.7

Locate projects FAST with keywords

Type some keywords and find your projects FAST!

Project Banner Images

Make your data stand out more

Set title images to projects

Assign Tasks to Teammates

with the new right-click menu commands

Assign Tasks to Teammates with Ease in Pagico 9.6

Team-wide Categories

Color-code content for you and for your teammates

Team-wide Categories

Frame Data The Way You Want

Use Smart Lists to See Just The Right Things.

The Search-based Smart List to help you filter content like never before

Maximize Productivity with Personalization

Tailor design your sidebar to make it fit your workflow.

The New Customizable Sidebar in Pagico 9

Preview Linked Projects and Contacts

Easily preview projects and contacts in Pagico 9

1-Click Move or Copy

Move or copy things easier than ever in Pagico 9

Insert New Content Anywhere

Insert new content anywhere in Pagico 9.8

Write lists faster

Better List Writing and Sublists in Pagico 9

Expand tasks into lists instantly

Quickly expand tasks into lists in Pagico 9

Improved List Editing Experience

Boost your productivity with the new keyboard shortcuts
New in v10

Boost productivity with the new list editing keyboard shortcuts in Pagico 10

Communicate in realtime

Available in Family and Team workspaces

The new Team Chat feature in Pagico 9

Track Files Effortlessly in Teams

Get to your data faster

The new Files Tab for Teams in Pagico 9

Find what you want, FAST

with the new smart search feature

Search in any way you like in Pagico 9

Create new tasks and stay on-track

with the new Pagico Helper

Loop in clients

and keep the up-to-date!

Import Data from Daylite

New in v10

Import data from Daylite to Pagico with just a few clicks!

Plus a lot more!

Pagico 10

More powerful, carefully crafted, ultra fast yet easier to use.

Pagico is available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.