Pagico for Desktop v6.6 is coming!


Just a quick word that we’ve been very busy with the upcoming Pagico for Desktop v6.6. It packs quite a few feature improvements and many stability improvements. It will be an exciting update that’s designed to make it a little easier to stay on track, and make your work a little more enjoyable. Being internally tested right now, the version 6.6 will be available within the next 2 weeks.

Stay tuned!

Ryo and Team

2 Thoughts on “Pagico for Desktop v6.6 is coming!

  1. Could you guys make sure this works on high resolution screens? I want to use this more but on my laptop it looks horrible because I have a high resolution monitor so I can barely read the tiny text and all of the buttons and icons are small as well. Thanks.

  2. Daniel,
    We’ll definitely look into it! Can you tell me the model of your monitor? If you could let me know the resolution and DPI setting you’re using, we can simulate it and see how we can improve it.


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