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Pagico 9 Preview #5: Loop in clients and keep them up-to-dat

It’s very common that you need to share a project in Pagico with someone on the outside. It could be your client, an external partner, or a student who takes lessons from you. Pagico 9 will make this sharing process so much easier, and it’ll even keep them up-to-date with just a few clicks.

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Pagico 9 Preview #4: Stay informed, not overwhelmed!

You’ve seen it before: a project so complex, it is filled with notes and lists, and it just scrolls on and on. When this happens, the overall project progress may become cloudy. Pagico 9 has a brand-new feature to simplify your data so you can get a bird’s eye view of your projects without getting overwhelmed at all! This new feature is called Project Summary.

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Pagico 9 Preview #3: Efficiently find and filter your data

Being productive requires not only a place to store all your data, but also a mechanism to let you use your data as efficiently as possible. Simply seeing a gigantic list of everything you’re supposed to do is not helpful. The ability to see exactly the things you need, when you need to see them, is key to productivity and reduced stress levels. So we designed Pagico 9 to do just that.

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Pagico 9 Preview #2: Dark Mode

Many of us are night owls. When it’s dark outside, it’s quieter, easier to focus, and has minimal distraction. Some say that being (a little) tired also helps with concentration. In any event, the last thing we want is eye strain caused by bright displays, and that’s why we spent countless hours designing and fine-tuning the the Dark Mode support in Pagico 9. This way, you’ll get more done and stay comfortable.

The new dark mode support in Pagico 9

P.S.: See that new UI? Yep, Pagico 9 features a brand new design and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

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Pagico 9 Preview #1: Subtasks!

One of the most top-voted feature requests is the ability to write subtasks… and that’s exactly what you’re getting in Pagico 9!

Write lists and sublists effortlessly in Pagico 9

In case you missed it: Pagico 9 is going to be better, smarter and easier to use than ever, and it’s just around the corner! With years of planning and development, Pagico 9 will be the most exciting upgrade in our history. Stay tuned by subscribing to the Pagico 9 newsletter so you’ll get more product previews and early access!

Pagico is about to get a whole lot better…

After years of planning and development, Pagico 9 will be more powerful, smarter, faster, and easier to use than ever. Interested? Sign up to be notified for previews and early access!

Sneak Peak: Teamwork To Get A Lot Better in Pagico

Team users rejoice! The upcoming Pagico 8.18 will bring a number of improvements to make teamwork and collaboration in Pagico a lot better.

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