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10 Sunday Habits for a Productive Week

Are you afraid of falling behind during the week? Your Monday doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are 10 Sunday habits you can do to set your week up for success.

  1. Start with creating a clean and calming living space. Open the windows, light a candle and welcome in the fresh air. Taking time to get a few chores done, will make your life so much easier later in the week.

2. Review your Calendar. It’s easy to miss preparing for a deadline or even an important meeting if you don’t check your schedule. Review what your week has in store for you, and prepare accordingly.

3. Write a To-Do List. Once you write out your list, highlight your top priorities and plan your days around them. Once you’ve picked at least 3 top priorities, check back on your progress. It’s easy to get carried away with what you want to be able to do, but be realistic. What are you able to do?

4. Reflect on your progress thus far, and take time to set new goals or figure out how you will pursue the same ones differently. What went well? What went wrong?

5. Disconnect from Technology. While it might be hard at first, the increased energy and creativity you can experience from putting your phone down just one day a week makes a noticeable difference.

6. Take time to plan and prep your food for the week. Having food already prepared not only saves time but makes sure you stay on track with eating healthy and at home.

7. Go for a walk outside. Take time to clear your head at the nearest Beach or Community Park. Giving yourself this time, will help you start your week feeling refreshed and focus.

8. Tidy up your house, and straighten your workspace. Setting a day that you can get your maintenance things done makes a big difference and helps your productivity levels throughout the rest of your week.

9. The little things you didn’t get to. Pay your bills, run that errand or finish your laundry. These are all tasks that don’t take long, but in the long run help free your mental space for the week ahead.

10. Relax! It’s a day of rest. These tasks shouldn’t consume your entire day but just take a few moments here and there. Make sure to take time to hit the reset button. Read a book, meditate, spend time with your family, do something that you normally don’t make the time for.

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