2022 Year-End Review

Happy Holidays from the Pagico Team!

As 2022 comes to a close, the Pagico team sends their warmest wishes and hopes you enjoy this holiday season! May your season be bright, and your new year full of accomplishment!

Looking at 2022:

2+ Feature Updates per Month on Average

Looking back in 2022, we are proud to say that we delivered at least two feature updates every month. This month is no exception – Earlier in December, we released the December Update 1, which included better template support that lets you spawn new projects that either starts or ends on a specific date. Coupled with the brand-new Event Planning Template, the enhanced template support makes it really easy to make event planning.

Coming Soon: Enhanced File & Email Support

Next week we’ll launch the December Update 2, bringing improved handling for files and emails in projects and contacts. Specifically, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep all files neatly rendered in the list mode
  • Easily insert more files anywhere among the existing files list
  • Simplified file listing for a more cleaner presentation
  • One-click sorting from new to old, so you can easily sort all emails and documents by time

Pagico Workshop Series

We have also started our Pagico Workshop series, which are live-streamed events designed to help everyone get started with Pagico faster and more easily. Our first workshop was held in October, and it was very well received! The second workshop is scheduled for early January 2023, so please be on the lookout for its announcements!

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, we have exciting plans for 2023! Some of the things we are working on or will get to soon:

  • Automation. Soon you’ll be able to define triggers and actions to let Pagico perform automated tasks, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to perform those routine “execution work”.
  • Better integration with 3rd party applications.
  • Better email management / integration
  • Time tracking
  • Better data importing / exporting
  • And more!

So, we’d like to thank you once again for choosing Pagico. We understand that you have many choices when comes to work management, and we are grateful for your choice and trust! Over the years, many of you stuck with us and wrote to us on a pretty frequent basis. We love all of it! I hope our work reflected the fact that you have a voice in Pagico, and that you are always in our mind when comes to the future of Pagico. So thank you, for sticking with us and sharing your thoughts with us!

Here’s to a wonderful year of 2023 to you and your loved ones!