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5 Ways to Manage Your Energy and Boost Productivity

Do you want to perform with a higher level of energy? Get more tasks done? In less time? Then this article is for you. 

#1 Manage your Energy, not your Time

Energy is the fuel that propels us through time, but it is inconsistent. Our energy levels go in waves throughout the day.

When we are more energized and focused, we perform a task faster and with fewer mistakes. Instead of using time management principles, imagine organizing tasks by the level of energy we have.

#2 Find your Purpose

You might believe you have all the time in the world to work, but if you aren’t focused on what motivates you, you are wasting both your time and your energy.

The purpose of your work is the core of your personal energy. It compels you to take action. It replenishes and sustains the rest of your energy sources.

#3 Develop Habits

If you want to design your life around the work you’ve always wanted to do, you are going to need to change some of your habits.

Lifestyle design is at the core of developing Habits.

Habits initially take a lot of energy to develop because we have to consciously think about creating them.

Once a habit or routine is created, however, it saves us a tremendous amount of energy and time because those same routines will now be automatic, an not require any additional thought.

#4 Make Fewer Decisions

Decisions eat up a lot of time and energy because our brain has to focus on making a new choice.

The more choices we have to make, the more energy is used. Eventually, decision fatigue sets in.

Reduce the number of decisions you make by automating, eliminating, and creating routines. By doing this we are able to focus on using our energy on decisions that really matter.

#5 Work in Sprints

According to research, we operate in a cycle of energy waves called the Ultradian Rhythm. We are only able to focus on tasks for a period of 90 to 120 minutes. After we have reached our peak, we need to renew our energy in order to move onto the next task.

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