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Sample: A Travel Plan

With its ability to manage checklists, documents, notes and maps in one place, Pagico is perfect for planning your next trip! This is what a trip plan may look like in Pagico.

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Key Things to Do

Long-Term Organization

First, create a project in Pagico for your trip. Besides giving it a title, be sure to set a cover image and set an icon to make the project look nice. Chances are, you’ll be making lots of trips down the line as well! So be sure to tag and categorize this project so you can find it easily in the future. Select a category and set a metadata property in the Metadata panel on the right for future browsing needs.

High Level Planning

When planning a trip, consider starting with a List to write out all the places you need (or want) to visit. Include important dates so that you can plan around them, and that the deadlines show up on various timeline views.

Create a Todo List

You often have many actions to take before the trip. For example, book hotels, arrange transportation and make reservations, etc. Start another list, call it “Todo”, then list out key actions to take. Be sure to supply due dates on these action items so they show up on your radars.

Drop in Reservation Documents

If you have boarding passes, reservation documents, just drop them into your Pagico. This way you can pull them up when you need them. Alternatively, you can also link documents to tasks so that they are even easier to find (especially when accessing from the Mobile Pagico app).

Draft Itineraries with Lists

The best way to manage itineraries is by making a list, then list your activities by days. Use top-level list items for each day, then use subtasks to list activities for each day. The advantage of listing itinerary this way is that you can fold days up to reduce visual clutter, or you can move entire days up or down to rearrange things. When all items are confirmed, you can then add timestamps to each item so that they show up on your timeline and calendar views.

Maps & Weather

Already know where you’ll be going? Insert map widgets to familiarize yourself before you go. The Map widget in Pagico is interactive, so you can move around and even enable street view mode to explore ahead of time.

It is also important to be aware of the weather. Embed a weather widget so you’ll always be prepared.