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MobileNote feature is improved (UPDATED)

MobileNote feature is improved
How are you doing these days? As we’re working on the linux release of Pagico, the beta test of MobileNote feature has not stopped neither.

After a couple of weeks working, we’ve finally decided to completely re-written the incoming message handling program, which is believed to be the cause of not being able to receive mobile notes sent from certain email client or device.

It turns out that it only accepts plain text messages sent from Apple Mail program.
Geez. It loves mac than we do.

So, now the MobileNote server has been updated, so anyone who had problems with this feature before, please give it another try to see if it’s working or not.


Update x1
It turns out that this new algorithm needs more tests… 😐 Well, the good news is that it’s been fixed (again), and hopefully you guys can sync with our server and start using this feature!
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Benvenuto: Pagico is being localized in to Italian

Pagico is localized to ItalianHi folks, it’s me again (obviously). This is gonna be a wonderful week as we’re proudly to present Pagico, the most unique organizer software, to italian-speak people.

This will be an (free, as always) update which will be released soon, together with the Pagico On Linux official release. Special thanks to Claudio Mezzasalma who did the localization in an amazing, lightning speed.

So, as of now, Pagico is available in 7 languages and keep counting!
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Pagico is about to be released on linux systems!

Pagico + Ubuntu = ?

Hey folks, I’m excited to tell everyone, that we had a wonder progress on the development of Pagico on linux systems in the past weeks.

All the major features are implemented and roughly tested. Pagico is designed for non-techies, which means we’re making our every effort to make installing and using Pagico on linux systems as easy as possible, just like we did for the other wonderful systems: Windows and Mac OS X.

Well, here is a screenshot of Pagico on ubuntu system (Feisty Fawn, 7.04).
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Server database upgraded, now back online!

Hi everyone, after several hours of working and testing, the databases are now back online again.

New users will be able to start trials as usual… Thanks for your patience!

New bug fixes on the horizon…

Hi folks, as we had a rocket start with this whole new v2.3 (believe me, it’s really good), I’ve collected some feedbacks for now, so I’m gonna address the following things in the upcoming release:

  • Displaying accented characters in MobileNote feature
  • Strip out html codes for html-format message in MobileNote
  • Displaying task progress bar with incorrect position in the schedule chart view
  • Tool tips for truncated long task captions in chart view and tasks lists under “Dashboard”

And there is another issue. Some users (more than one) reported that although tried more than once the downloaded packages are not intact which means it could be damaged and could not install. But on the other hand we have hundreds of users successfully downloaded and installed without a problem.
So, with this new release, hopefully we can get rid of this problem as well. Hope you guys can hang in there for just a few more days.

This will be a bug-fix release, which will be there (hopefully) no later than next monday. So, if there’s anything you want to add, feel free to add comments. 🙂

*hint* *hint*
A series of video tutorials will be online soon.
Stay tuned!

Is Pagico intuitive or not? (Your opinions are needed!)

Is Pagico intuitive or not?
Pagico is a great app, and it should have received more positive reviews than it is now due to the steep learning curve for many new users — in other words, Pagico is not easy to learn.

However, the other half of people (our customers) told me that they really love Pagico. I’ve been told something like “the most well engineered personal management system”, “too low-priced”, “So confident it can improve my productivity”, etc.

So, is Pagico intuitive or not? Well, I’m not confused at all about this question.
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MobileNote feature invitations sent

Hi there everyone, as this v2.3 is released, the first batch of invitations for this mobilenote feature (service) has been sent.

At the mean time, if you don’t have an invitation, don’t worry. We’re giving out invitations slowly to ensure it’s not overwhelming to our servers.
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