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Pagico 7.4 r1881 brings bug fixes and user experience improvements

Pagico 7.4 r1875 r1881 is a maintenance update bring the following improvements:

  • Improved stability on importing files and contacts in large quantity
  • Completed localization for Dutch, Italian and Japanese
    Special thanks to Carlo Marchioro for helping out with the Italian language pack!
  • Other minor improvements
  • r1876 addresses a UI glitch that might cause input-related issues
  • r1881 brings a few additional bug fixes, including one that causes the app to freeze when importing files

Upgrading is easy as always — just click here to grab the update.

Pagico 7.4 r1870 brings additional bug fixes

Pagico 7.4 r1870 brings the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue on certain machines where the control strips under data objects are not properly rendered
  • Fixed a sync issue where items that are moved away from Inbox were still showing up in Inbox on other devices
  • Fixed an issue where the New Task panel would show “Save to Current Contact” when the user is in Inbox

This is another free update for all existing v7 users. You can grab the update here.

Thank you all for choosing Pagico! We have lots of exciting improvements to come!

Pagico 7.4 brings improved user experience and better HiDPI mode

Pagico 7.4 is here! This is an exciting update that brings improvement to user experience and high-resolution displays. Read More

Pagico 7.3 r1855 brings vCard exporting to contacts

Pagico 7.3 r1854 is here! Among minor improvements, its highlight is the brand-new vCard exporting. It’s a free update to all v7 users. Read More

Pagico 7.3 r1849 brings minor bug fixes to OS X and Windows

Pagico 7.3 r1849 is a maintenance release that addresses the following issues: Read More

Pagico 7.3 r1846 addresses a few bugs for Windows and OS X

Pagico 7.3 r1846 is now available, bringing the following improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where the manual order of items may get lost in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where newly created items cannot be dragged and dropped for re-ordering
  • Improved the Natural Language Processing (NLP) with better support for dates in the future
  • Improved the NLP with better recognition for year representations
  • Fixed an issue where bars on the flowchart may be incorrectly positioned

Pagico 7.3 r1846 is a free update for all v7 users, and it can be downloaded right here.

Pagico 7.3 r1843 brings a few minor fixes

Pagico 7.3 r1843 is now available for OS X and Windows, addressing the following small but annoying issues:

  • Fixed a graphics issue related to the stat charts on Macs with Retina displays
  • Fixed a UI issue where text from notes may be rendered incorrectly in the Inbound Items section
  • Fixed an issue where the popup panel may be incorrectly positioned on Macs with Retina displays
  • Added timezone selection at the beginning of the activation process

This is a free update to all v7 users. Please head to the Download Section to grab the update.

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