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Pagico 7.6 (r1921) brings an improved task repeating feature

Pagico 7.6 r1919 r1921, another free update for all v7 users, is now available for OS X and Windows. This version brings a much-improved task repeating feature, which has been requested by our users for quite some time now. Starting from this version, you’ll be able to configure a task to repeat every X number of days, weeks, months or years.

Upgrading is easy as always, simply visit our Download Section to grab the update.

If you also use Pagico Plus, be sure to update to Pagico Plus v3.6, which is compatible with this updated repeating task feature. Older versions of Pagico Plus is not compatible with repeating tasks created in Pagico 7.6 r1919 and later versions.

Update: Pagico 7.6 r1921 build addresses an annoying bug where Pagico might incorrectly complain about start/due dates being invalid.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Pagico 7.6 brings enhanced contact import with CSV support

Pagico 7.6 is here! It brings a new feature that has been frequently requested by our users: enhanced contact import feature with CSV support. Now you can import large quantity of contacts into your Pagico database more reliably than ever. Simply go to the Contacts list view, and drop in your CSV file, It’s that simple! To update, simply visit our download center to grab the newer version.

Let us know how this feature works for you!

Pagico 7.5 r1912 brings webcal feed, time picker, data filter and more

Pagico 7.5 r1912 is a heavy-weight yet free update that brings a number of key improvements and bug fixes to OS X and Windows. Here are the highlights: Read More

Pagico 7.5 brings easier task delegation and other improvements

Pagico 7.5 is yet another free update that brings a number of improvements to ease your workflow even further.

Easier Task Delgation

Quickly send tasks to various destinations with a few clicks

Many of us jot down tasks into Inbox first to save time. But when it’s time to move tasks around into the corresponding projects or contacts, it becomes rather time consuming. Starting from Pagico 7.5, you can click on the new “Move to” feature for list items and quickly send tasks to various destinations with just a few clicks.

Easier Data Duplication

Starting from Pagico 7.5, you will have a new Duplicate feature under each data object. It lets you make a copy of the selected data object with a single click.

Automatic Lockdown

If your database is password protected (you can set database password in the Settings -> Database-specific Settings section), then Pagico will automatically lock down your database after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Other minor improvements

  • The Today view on Windows is faster to load
  • Fixed an issue that importing contacts on OS X might fail
  • Improved stability with data sync
  • Fixed a few UI glitches
  • Items completed during the current day will also be listed on the Today view
  • Miscellaneous user experience improvements


Updating is easy as always — just visit our Downloads Section and grab the update. We hope you’ll enjoy Pagico as much as we do! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always listening, and we’re always working to make Pagico the best task manager for you.

Pagico 7.4 r1896 is now available for OS X and Windows

Pagico 7.4 r1896 is a maintenance update that brings several bug fixes and minor improvements. It’s a free update for all v7 users. Read More

Pagico 7.4 r1890 is brings Spanish and other improvements to OS X and Windows

Pagico 7.4 r1890 is another maintenance update that brings a number of improvements to users on OS X and Windows.

What’s New

  • New: Pagico 7 is now translated to Spanish, thanks to the gracious help of Jorge Gómez Dávalos!
  • New: Automatic Cleanup is back! You can now perform bulk actions to archive completed tasks & appointments.
  • Re-arranged container sidebar that’s easier to use.
  • Other minor UI improvements
  • Setting & clearing database passwords are easier
  • Minor bug fixes


Upgrading is easy as always — just head to the Download Page and grab the update. This is a free update to all v7 users.

Pagico 7.4 r1888 is now available for OS X and Windows

Pagico 7.4 r1888, a free update for existing v7 users, brings the following changes to OS X and Windows:

  • Fixed stability with file importing
  • Fixed a bug where the search function may show “Prepping index” forever
  • Fixed a UI issue where the “Show Hidden Items” toggle might be covered by the Create-New button
  • Improved UI stability for users on OS X 10.7
  • Improved font consistency in the note rich text editor
  • Improved compatibility when importing vCard files
  • Other minor improvements to user experience

Upgrading is easy as always — just visit the Download Page and grab the update. We’d like to thank all of you for choosing Pagico. We have lots of exciting features planned for the very near future, and we’ll bring them out as quickly as we can. You can subscribe to our blog RSS feed or follow us on Twitter to track our development progress.

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