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It has been a while: Update about the Pagico v5, the iPhone app, and more

Hello folks, did you all have a great Thanksgiving? I hope everything is going well!

It has been a while since we posted something on both our site and our twitter feed. But rest assured, we’re not slowing down our pace at all! The reason that we were under the radar in the past few weeks, well, is because that we’ve been working on something very exciting and we wanted to let you guys know when we get closer to the end. And now it’s the time! Let me give you some brief updates.

Pagico v5!

Yep, it’s the next major update! We’ve been working on the v5 for a few months now, and it has several major improvements over the v4. As of right now, I believe that it’s still a little bit early to disclose more information about the v5, so we’ll cover more about this in its own post in the near future. To temporarily satisfy your visual needs, here’s a few screenshots of the Pagico v5 (still under development).

Anybody wants to drag the flowchart bars around?

Anybody wants to drag the flowchart bars around?

See (much) more in your flowchart

See (much) more in your flowchart

Fold items to reduce visual clutter

Fold items to reduce visual clutter

Pagico on iPhone

Yeah I know we’ve promised this a super long time ago, and many of you were not happy with the wait. To be honest, the iPhone programming part was a new territory for all of us here, so we had to spend the time making sure that technically we were there. Actually, we spent more time than we expected to choose the proper framework. The idea is to utilize a framework so that our mobile app could not only run on the iPhone natively, but also on other hot gadgets on the markets as well, including the Android. Just to give you an update, we’re now on the right track and moving full speed ahead. We’re hoping to release a beta together with the v5, so please stay tuned. 😉

Oh and at the mean time, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any idea or feature request for the iPhone app.

Pagico ID

Remember that a few months ago that we mentioned the InboxSync feature (in v4.3)? Well, we’ve been working on that as well. The feature itself is already functional, but it requires a key component before you guys could use it: it is the online account management system, and we’re naming it as Pagico ID. In the future, you will create and manage your own Pagico ID accounts, which serve as the central place to manage your multiple devices, their InboxSync, and your Workspaces. In addition, the Pagico ID account also provides you a web interface to access your Inbox data.

As you can tell, we’ve gotten ourselves plenty of things for the winter. We appreciate your patience, and I hope you’re happy about the progress we’re making. Again, please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. We value your ideas very much!

Have a great day,

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