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Pagico 3.0 is released! Free upgrade for existing users!

Pagico logoGood evening everyone! We’re so excited to announce that the long-waited Pagico 3 is now officially available!

For those who can’t wait to get started, just go ahead and download.

Just as the version suggested: the Pagico 3.0 is a milestone in the history of Pagico software, with tons of improvements in both features as well as user experiences. You’ll find this release is much easier to get on hand even if you haven’t used our software before.

All right! Here is a brief list of the important improvements in this release:
– Handle multiple databases
– Ability to set database-specific options
– So much faster user interface
– Better print (export to PDF file)
– Print contact profiles
– Apple-Script ready!
– Topic-specific schedule flowcharts
– Ability to link to file rather than duplicate files into the database
– Keyboard controls
– Improved UI, re-arranged features
– Completely re-written user guide and user manual
– TagExplore options
– Customizable shortcuts system

And so much more!

Oh yeah, it is a FREE for all existing users. Enjoy!

Special offer for additional license!
At the mean time, we are glad to offer you an additional license for only $20! This would be perfect if you have two computers and want to use your Pagico data on both of them.
Purchase now!

For Pagico 2.x users
Please back up your Pagico folder (in your Applications folder) before installing Pagico 3.
In the first launch of Pagico 3, it will automatically detect and upgrade your existing database. This conversion can not be reversed. After the conversion, the database will be named as “Default” under your “Applications -> Pagico” folder.

Pagico 3 is currently only available for Mac.
Editions for other platforms will be developed and tested within the upcoming months, further notices will be posted.

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