Pagico 8 Release Notes

Pagico 8.13 r2251 brings bug fixes to macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.13 r2251 is a maintenance update that brings a number of bug fixes for improved stability. It’s recommended for all v8 users.

Change List

  • New in r2251: It turns out that a stricter text cleanup method that was introduced in r2250 to improve the search reliability was too strict that all umlauts and asian characters are lost. r2251 reverses this text cleanup method while we work on a more balanced cleanup approach.
  • Fixed an issue where the Move-To and Copy-To panels may malfunction due to certain invisible control characters pasted into Pagico
  • Fixed an issue where certain phrases may cause the NLP algorithm for date recognition to generate excessive logs
  • Fixed a critical issue where data could be lost due to workspace data sync in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where the same workspace could be joined multiple times, resulting in repetitive sync cycles
  • Revised error logging for easier data sync troubleshooting

Getting the Update

Please head to the Download Section to download and install the update.