Pagico 8

Pagico 8.16: Pinned Items, Future Repeating Events, Ubuntu Support, and more!

Happy New Year! We are going to kick off 2019 with our 16th point update for Pagico 8, and it is scheduled for public release on Friday, January 4th. While it’s just a point update, it packs quite a few much-needed new features and bug fixes, and it’ll surely make you more productive than ever.

Pinned Items

You can now put hand-picked projects or contacts right on your Dashboard. Easily pin and unpin items on-demand, drag and drop to reorder. Arrange content just the way you like it for rapid access.

Future Repeating Events

You can now see all the future occurrences of repeating events right on your timeline (and your calendar views). This is a much-requested feature and we’re excited to make it happen!

Improved User Experience

Lots of small things have changed to optimize the overall user experience. The toolbar has been simplified, some low-frequency (but rather important) commands have been migrated to the menu system with keyboard shortcuts. This resulted in a cleaner UI that’s reduces stress, but more efficient operations thanks to the keyboard shortcuts.

The timeline component also has a rearranged toolbar that offers more logical layout and date range display.

Better Unicode Support on Windows

Unicode in filenames on Windows has been historically difficult to deal with. This is a really tricky issue as the filesystem uses different encodings for different languages. Pagico 8.16 brings enhanced support for unicode characters in file names, so you can finally import files that carry those characters and use them as expected. Sadly, Pagico databases on Windows still cannot contain unicode letters. We’ll continue to work on this area.

Restored Compatibility with Ubuntu 18

Pagico 8.16 is finally compatible with Ubuntu 18.x! Ubuntu users rejoice! This is a long-awaited process, and we appreciate your patience!

Recompiled 64-bit macOS Version

Pagico on macOS has been 64-bit all along, but it was also compiled to support legacy versions of Mac. This has intermittently caused system warnings about Pagico being 32-bit. We’ve since recompiled the macOS flavor of Pagico and made it purely 64-bit. This should make the system happier than before. If you’re on an older version of Mac OS X, no worries! The Mac OS X flavor of Pagico will continue to function as expected.


Pagico 8.16 will be officially released on Friday, January 4th, and it will be available for macOS, Mac OS X, Windows and 64-bit Ubuntu. We’d like to take this moment and thank everyone who helped us with localization and those who participated in our beta program; we couldn’t have done this without your help. THANK YOU!