Pagico 8 Release Notes

Pagico 8.18 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu (UPDATEDx1)

Ladies and gents, today we are excited to announce the availability of Pagico 8.18 for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu. This version brings a number of key feature improvements for both individual users and team users. Along with under-the-hood bug fixes, this is a free and recommended update for all v8 users.

The New Team Dashboard in Pagico 8.18

Change List

  • New: Drag to select multiple items for bulk actions in Timelines view
  • New: Drag to select multiple items for bulk actions in projects and contacts
  • New: You can now selectively connect to existing workspaces
  • New: Team Dashboard for Team Sync workspaces
  • Improved stability on data sync
  • Improved activity feed for Team workspaces
  • Improved: Pagico will no longer automatically perform the Auto-Join on all existing workspaces
  • Fixed the alphabetic sorting algorithm in project list
  • Fixed an issue where ampersands in tags may cause rendering issues in the project list view
  • Fixed an issue where the repeating icon in calendar view may be rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where dates may be bumped forward by a year even when user specified the year in the date entry
  • Fixed an issue where the Safari Browser Extension may not show up in the Safari Preferences panel
  • Fixed an issue where the same file object may not be opened repeatedly on Windows
  • Other under-the-hood improvements
  • New in r2407: Fixed a crashing issue with the Safari Browser Extension
  • New in r2407: Fixed an issue where tasks with start and due dates may be rendered incorrectly in external calendar feeds
The new Drag-to-Select feature in Pagico 8.18


Pagico 8.18 is now available for macOS, Mac OS X, Windows and Ubuntu. Please visit the Download Section to get the update.

Special Thanks

We’d like to give a special shoutout to everyone involved in the public beta program. Pagico 8.18 went through 6 weeks of beta, and we collected a lot of valuable feedback from beta participants. Thank you all for your participation; we would never be here without your continued support!