Pagico 8

Sneak Peak: Teamwork To Get A Lot Better in Pagico

Team users rejoice! The upcoming Pagico 8.18 will bring a number of improvements to make teamwork and collaboration in Pagico a lot better.

The New Team Dashboard

The Brand New Team Dashboard in Pagico 8.18

The new dashboard is designed to make the most important information more accessible to all team members. With a quick glance, you’ll see a team-wide pinned items tray at the top, recently updated projects and/or clients, a brief activity feed to let you catch up, a schedule overview of the entire workspace, and probably the most handy tool: assigned tasks per teammate. Let’s take a look at each of these components.

Pinned Items

Just like the Pinned Items tray on your Dashboard, now you can pin things for your team, too! As expected, this area will be synced to all teammates. Simply pin the most important projects and/or clients, and everyone will get to see them in their team dashboards.

Recent Activities (and notifications!)

The Activities Feed gives you the most recent 10 items to get you up-to-date. While it looks similar to the original Activity Feed section, its content is greatly improved. You’ll get to see key details such as who shared a new task, who completed something, and who rescheduled an event.

This improvement also leads to better notifications — for example, when someone checks off a task you assigned, you’ll see a notification saying things like “John completed a task: {the task title} in {the project}”.

Task Status

Get a quick glance on your team’s workload, and (hopefully) feel good about your team’s accomplishments.


Ever wondered what happened to the tasks you’ve assigned to your teammates? With the new Teammates card, you can see all your teammates there, along with the tasks *you* have assigned to them. And of course, you’ll get to see a list of tasks that others have assigned to you, too. Need to quickly create and assign a new task to a team member? Simply click on the “New Task” button and write your task. It’s that easy!


Pagico 8.18 will soon become available as a public beta. If you are interested to get early access, sign up for the beta program! Otherwise, we are planning to roll out 8.18 to everyone by the end of April.

In the mean time, do let us know your thoughts so we can make Pagico as good as it can be.