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Pagico 8.4 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.4 (revision 2072) is a maintenance update that brings a number of minor feature improvements and bug fixes. It’s a free update to all v8 users, and is recommended for all to update.

Feature Improvements

  • Pagico 8 is now fully localized in Italian (by Paolo Miraglia) and Polish (by Michał Kastelik)
  • Improved Calendar View with under-the-hood enhancements, localization, a Today button, and UI adjustments
  • Pagico on Mac will now automatically create the first database in the user folder instead of the Documents folder to avoid triggering iCloud data sync unintentionally
  • Improved handling of linked files
  • Improved the handling of ordinal numbers in Natural Language Parsing
  • Swapped the position of the Late and Upcoming groups in the Today view
  • Increased the spacing of objects in containers
  • Adjusted the Task Title field appearance in the New Task panel for better user experience
  • An “Attach files” button is now available in the New Task popup panel
  • Enhanced the error handling in Pagico on Windows for easier troubleshooting
  • Container-level data filter options are now remembered
  • Double-clicking on an item in the Link Helper will trigger the confirm action immediately
  • The Link Helper will automatically select the first item when you type to filter the results
  • The file-change detection algorithm on Windows is re-written to offer greatly improved performance and lowered CPU usage
  • When saving tasks, Pagico will now handle incorrect start & due dates more intelligently
  • Minor UI adjustments for Pagico on Windows
  • The Pagico on Windows installer will no longer trigger the missing DLL problem on Windows 7
  • The Pagico on Windows installer will correctly attempt to install the 32-bit Microsoft VC 2015 runtime package

Bug Fixes

  • The list title section will no longer show up when editing a single task
  • Adjusted the font weight for the numbers in the database lock screen on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the font size preference on Windows was not being correctly saved
  • Fixed an issue where unicode characters may get corrupted in project titles and tags on Windows
  • Improved the handling of search engine indexing errors
  • Fixed an issue where importing a file through the “Attach Files” button may incorrectly remove the original file from outside of the Pagico database
  • Fixed an issue where the Pagico Helper on Windows may crash due to missing DLL files
  • Fixed an issue where files are not being archived correctly on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the X button in the Today view may be difficult to click on
  • Cmd+A (or Ctrl+A) now works in the search field
  • Removed the extra space in text notes without tag or timestamp
  • Fixed an issue where Remove Password command didn’t work for containers
  • The Week View (in Calendar view) will now correctly show time based on user’s preferences
  • Fixed an issue where Pagico on Windows may run into error due to an incorrect location of the initial database
  • Fixed a bug where search results may not be rendered correctly when there is only one matching result
  • Fixed an issue where the List Title edit field didn’t support auto-complete for tags and container titles
  • Fixed an issue where the popup menu may not always go away after a mouse click
  • Fixed an issue where the @ sign in project tags were not correctly stripped, resulting in strange-looking tags such as @@tag
  • On Mac, clicking on a notification that leads to a container will now correctly open the container instead of showing a blank popup panel
  • Other small bug fixes that improve the overall stability

Users on macOS can use the built-in update checker to grab the update, while users on other platforms can visit the Download Section to grab the update.

Thank you all for choosing Pagico, and for providing feedback to us!

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