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Pagico 8.3 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Thank you all for choosing Pagico! Pagico 8.3 is the 4th update that brings refinements and bug fixes, and it’s free for all v8 users.


  • Starred items and collection items can now be sorted by dragging their icons and text labels
  • Data sync progress can now be seen at the bottom of the sidebar without revealing the sync status panel
  • Enhanced workspace sync functionality and removed the Sync Now button, which is no longer needed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rendering issue¬†of foreign characters in project and contact lists
  • Fixed an issue where items carrying the pink color will incorrectly be displayed as purple
  • The workspace sync will now correctly recognize stalled stages¬†due to various factors
  • Fixed a rendering issue with project titles containing quotes
  • Fixed a rendering issue where task content may incorrectly overflow
  • Fixed an issue where the sync progress may be displayed inaccurately
  • Fixed an issue where changing the sorting mode in the project list may double the project count
  • Fixed an issue where foreign items may show up with an Unknown author label in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where image thumbnails may not be generated correctly
  • Other under-the-hood reliability improvements

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