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Pagico 8.4 r2081 is now available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 8.4 r2081 is a maintenance update that brings a number of small feature improvements and bug fixes. It’s free for v8 users and it’s a recommended update.

Change List


  • The list item / task edit UI now has the Natural Language Parsing feature disabled to prevent NLP overriding existing start/due dates and times

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a UI-related issue caused by the new Italian language pack
  • Fixed an issue where Pagico may attempt to connect to the same workspace more than once, resulting in duplicated workspace items in the sidebar
  • Improved how Pagico on Windows creates its first database, and the way error is reported when the designated location is not available to the user due to permission issues
  • Fixed an issue where the flowchart stat graph may show incorrect number of pending and completed tasks
  • Fixed an issue where HTML codes may incorrectly show up in the built-in Calendar views
  • Fixed an issue where the project tag browser may be blank when there is only one project
  • Fixed an issue where extra-long list items didn’t get folded automatically
  • Fixed an issue where text fragments couldn’t be imported via drag-and-drop
  • Improved the rendering of tagged items in search results
  • Fixed an issue where ampersands in contact info properties may show up incorrectly in contact list views
  • Fixed an issue where an item deleted from your Inbox on the Mac may not get synchronized correctly
  • Fixed a UI rendering issue with the popup menu for users on Windows using the HiDPI display mode
  • Fixed an issue where the previously used tags may not be completed shown in the tag selection panel
  • Fixed an issue where the previously used tags may not be sorted correctly in the tag selection panel
  • Fixed an issue where the same group may show up more than once in auto-grouped contact lists
  • Fixed an issue where messages in confirmation dialogues on Windows may show up as encoded HTML entities
  • Fixed an issue where the workspace sync process may not finish correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where the “Data updated” message may be incorrectly triggered by an action taken by the current user
  • Fixed an issue where cross-links and tags may not be rendered correctly in the external calendar feed

Users on macOS can use the built-in Update Checker to install the update automatically. Users on other platforms, please visit the Download Section to grab this update.

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