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Pagico 8.5 brings a brand-new list view for tasks, renaming color choices, and more to macOS, Windows and Ubuntu (UPDATEDx2)

Pagico 8.5 is a minor update for all v8 users. It brings a number of feature improvements, including a brand-new list view for tasks, the ability to rename color choices, and more.

Change List

New Features & Improvements

  • The flowchart component is now renamed to “Timeline”
  • A brand-new List View component has been added to the Timeline component, replacing the original Week view. This List View is available at the Dashboard, inside projects & contacts, collections, as well as workspaces
  • A limited number of undo actions have been added to critical actions such as item deletion and archival
  • Color choices can now be custom labeled in the Preferences section
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Cmd/Ctrl + [/]) are now available for switching between tabs inside a project or a contact
  • Added a “Copy to…” menu command for items
  • The tag picker panel now also shows keyword usage count
  • The preferred content tab is now remembered in contacts & projects
  • File tags will be visible when the file object is folded
  • New in r2091: Edits made on your own mobile devices will no longer be presented with the “Edited by…” phrase

Bug Fixes

  • New in r2091: Fixed an issue where the time “Today” may incorrectly default to the current day in the next year
  • New in r2091: Fixed an issue where deleted items may show up in search results
  • New┬áin r2089: Fixed an issue where the new List View may not refresh automatically when new data is available or existing tasks are modified
  • Fixed an issue where the same group heading may show up more than once in list views
  • Fixed an issue where the Auto-Join mechanism may join the same workspace more than once, creating a duplicated entry in the sidebar
  • Fixed an issue where project content may not be loaded correctly on Ubuntu
  • Fixed an issue where edited start/due dates may get incorrectly overwritten by NLP parsing results on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on the “Create Task” button may cause creating the task twice

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