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Pagico 9.1 is now available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu

Pagico 9.1 (build 20200219 20200220) is a heavy-weight update bringing lots of feature improvements and bug fixes. Enhancing user experience and addressing issues, this update is a free and recommended update for all v9 users.

Change List

  • New: Now you can set Repeat and Repeat-End values in the popup task edit panel
  • New: The Data Sync algorithm is optimized for faster performance
  • New: Now you can use Cmd (or Ctrl for non-Mac users) + Up / Down / Left / Right to move the tasks around in list item editing mode
  • New: Added support for tables in note objects
  • New backend component for Pagico on Windows for improved performance and reliability
  • New: Added a way to get the Permalink for a Public Share project directly without sending invitations
  • New: Improved support for Windows with HiDPI displays
  • New: You can now re-order list items during list item edit mode
  • New: Databases on Windows now appear as a Pagico Document instead of a generic folder
  • New in r20200220: Fixed an issue where repeating tasks with Repeat End dates set may not be rendered as expected on timeline views
  • Fixed an issue where Pagico on Windows may trigger the auto-launch of Microsoft Outlook in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where pre-formatted text in notes may be incorrectly parsed when pasted from an external program
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails may not be generated correctly on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where data sync may get into never-ending loops in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue where multibyte characters in Public Share invitation emails may be rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where amulets in vCard files are incorrectly imported
  • Fixed an issue where clicking outside of the note editor did not always dismiss the editor
  • Fixed a rendering issue where line breaks in contact info fields may not be rendered as expected

Getting the Update

Please visit the Downloads Section to obtain this update.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who provided feedback to us. We appreciate your input and patience very much!

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