Monthly Feature Updates

Pagico 9 September Update

Greetings everyone! While we primarily work on the upcoming Pagico 10 to prepare for its official release in October, we are also working to bring some of the key changes from v10 to v9 to ensure our v9 customers have the best user experience possible.

Improved Data Sync Efficiency and Reliability

Today we just released Pagico 9.10 r20210906, which addresses several under-the-hood issues to improve the overall data sync efficiency and reliability.

More specifically, you should see fewer data sync cycles to get your data across your devices.

Improved Update Checking Mechanism

In this version the automatic update checker is also improved in several ways. Most notably, when v10 arrives, the v9 will correctly present the v10 notification as either a free update or a paid upgrade, depending on your service plan status.

Changes List

  • Improved the way cleanly deleted items are handled in data sync
  • Fixed an issue where certain data objects were not included in data sync in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where previously excluded files were not re-included as expected
  • Optimized the way data sync cycles are kicked off and eliminated unnecessary cycles
  • Fixed an issue where the update checker may not present the correct download links for users on macOS and 64-bit Windows systems
  • Improved the update checker to take service plan status into consideration
  • Re-enabled update checker for Mac users (previously only the in-app updater was used for update checking purposes)

Getting the Update

Please visit the Download Section to grab the update.

Side Note: Is v10 Free or Paid?

To clarify, all v9 users with an active service plan as of October 1, 2021, will get Pagico 10 for free. If you own a Pagico license and do not have an active service plan, then upgrading to v10 would require a service plan, such as the Personal Premium plan.

To look up your account status, you can sign in to your Pagico ID portal.