Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Personalized Launch Messages, enhanced smart search, and more!

The first feature update for Pagico 10 has arrived! Here’s what’s new:

New Features

Personalized launch screen messages. You can now create a list of messages and Pagico will randomly pick a message and display it at launch time. To configure this, just go to the Preferences section and define your messages there.

Enhanced smart search with negative matching. Now you can set to match everything that isn’t a certain type of objects, or everything that isn’t in a certain category.

This build also brings a few bug fixes. You can get the revision here:

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico 10 Update 2

Greetings everyone! Today we are excited to announce the availability of Pagico 10 Update 2. This release further addresses a few issues we’ve spotted in the past few days, improving the overall stability and user experience of Pagico 10. Since this version improves the stability of data sync, it’s highly recommended for everyone to update.

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes

Pagico 10 Update 1

A few days ago, we released Pagico 10.0 to the public. It was one of the best launches we’ve had in our history, but we still spotted a few issues here and there. Today we are excited to release Pagico 10 Update 1 to address these launch-day issues.

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 10 Release Notes Pagico 9 & 10

Introducing Pagico 10

Work smarter and accomplish more — the hope of yesterday has officially become the reality of today! After months of development and testing, Pagico 10 is here, bringing improved features, more user friendly designs, and significantly enhanced performance. The end result? A work management platform that’s more coherent and smooth in user experience for you to make things happen.

Update on October 4: The v10 launch is the best we’ve had so far, but we did spot a few issues that just popped up. A new revision (20211005) has been just released to address the issues, including the inability to link to other projects/contacts, and issue where data objects may not load correctly on macOS Mojave, and the issue where Timeline views may fail to render in certain cases on Windows.

Monthly Feature Updates

Pagico 9 September Update

Greetings everyone! While we primarily work on the upcoming Pagico 10 to prepare for its official release in October, we are also working to bring some of the key changes from v10 to v9 to ensure our v9 customers have the best user experience possible.

Improved Data Sync Efficiency and Reliability

Today we just released Pagico 9.10 r20210906, which addresses several under-the-hood issues to improve the overall data sync efficiency and reliability.

More specifically, you should see fewer data sync cycles to get your data across your devices.

Improved Update Checking Mechanism

In this version the automatic update checker is also improved in several ways. Most notably, when v10 arrives, the v9 will correctly present the v10 notification as either a free update or a paid upgrade, depending on your service plan status.

Changes List

  • Improved the way cleanly deleted items are handled in data sync
  • Fixed an issue where certain data objects were not included in data sync in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where previously excluded files were not re-included as expected
  • Optimized the way data sync cycles are kicked off and eliminated unnecessary cycles
  • Fixed an issue where the update checker may not present the correct download links for users on macOS and 64-bit Windows systems
  • Improved the update checker to take service plan status into consideration
  • Re-enabled update checker for Mac users (previously only the in-app updater was used for update checking purposes)

Getting the Update

Please visit the Download Section to grab the update.

Side Note: Is v10 Free or Paid?

To clarify, all v9 users with an active service plan as of October 1, 2021, will get Pagico 10 for free. If you own a Pagico license and do not have an active service plan, then upgrading to v10 would require a service plan, such as the Personal Premium plan.

To look up your account status, you can sign in to your Pagico ID portal.

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 9 Release Notes Updates

Pagico 9 June Update: Personalize with colors!

The pleasantness of your work environment is critical to your productivity. That’s why we’ve always heavily focused on the UI design of Pagico. Starting with Pagico 9.10 Update 2, you’ll now be able to take the already elegant UI to the next level — make it your own.

Introducing Customizable Color Scheme

Customizing the look and feel of Pagico

Simply pick a color of your choice, and enjoy the various levels of hue throughout Pagico! This color choice option is located in your Preferences section, but please note that only the customizable color choice only applies to the Light UI scheme.

When you can work in an environment that you love, accomplishing more gets a little easier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the placement of task bars on timelines may be off in certain situations
  • Improved data sync reliability when sharing new projects to teams
  • Minor UI adjustments


This feature is already available in the latest version of Pagico 9.10! Head over to our Downloads section to grab it.

Monthly Feature Updates Pagico 9 Release Notes

Pagico 9.10: Create New Folders With Ease, and More

Greetings everyone! Today we are excited to announce the availability of Pagico 9.10 (rev. 20210401). In this newer version we introduced a new way to let you create new folders with ease right inside Pagico. This build also includes some bug fixes to make things work more reliably.


  • New Feature: Create new folders right inside Pagico
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the dollar sign may not show up in notifications in certain cases
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where extra “+” buttons showed up in file preview panels
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some files may be imported to an incorrect path
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some times the Tag recognition algorithm may mis-identify non-tag objects
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where files may not be linked to notes or lists in certain cases

Getting the Update

Please visit the Downloads Section to get this update.